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Triquetra - Fungus Fever EP [self-released]

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By now most of us would agree that the biggest revelation on Suntrip's latest V/A "Inti" was music from two brothers: Triquerta.


I was surprised to find out that they have released - in Sep 2016 - an EP with 6 tracks & running over 52 minutes, so it's almost a full-length album!




1. Fungus Fever 09:29
2. One-way Ticket To Unity 07:21
3. Trancendance 08:36
4. UFO In My Back Yard 08:25
5. Deep Sea Trip 08:32
6. Sonar Levitation 09:56


- free to listen, apparently unmastered version (the volumes are all over the place)


https://triquetra.bandcamp.com/- proper version, just 5EUR



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damn these guys are the truth!


just got around to listening... i loaded up the EP with their tracks from other compilations and soundcloud for about 3 hours of Triquetra madness


might be one of the most promising artists in a while


the percussion on their tracks is unreal. a lot of artists just loop drums in a perfunctory manner and build sounds around that but Triquetra adds these little touches on their basslines and drums that give it an animated tribal feeling.


it shows a high level of care and attention to detail that carries over to the rest of the music as they build on the solid foundation of drums with waves of blistering, in your face psychedelia




very much looking forward to their debut album on Suntrip... hopefully it will be all new output so we can see how these artists are evolving

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I put this on while I was doing crap around the appartment and at one moment I was so impressed that I walked to my room, looked at my pc and said out loud "Dude this really good."

Very old-schoolish and very well done and psychedelic. I'd say this is 4/5 material

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I don't rate all the tracks on this album, but the first one "Fungus Fever" is magnificent. Probably still my favourite track by Triquetra even though they've released many excellent ones. The best thing about the track is it's structure, going from melody to melody and building up throughout the 9 minutes in the hypnotic way the best old-school tracks do. Sadly I think many will have missed this since the EP was self-released, but it's one of the top new school goa tracks IMO.

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Cool school got shroomz. If it's too long / many tracks to be an EP, and there's too few to be an LP. Means it's a MiniAlbum..if you wanna..right?:) Love the idea that these two brothers trip & make music together. Makes me think of my own

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