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Phatmatix - The Divine Comedy

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Artist: Phatmatix

Title: The Divine Comedy

Label: Yabai Records

Date: December, 2008


1. Babylon Circus

2. Labyrinth

3. The Punishment

4. Beyond Reality (Live Mix)

5. The Void

6. Dominator

7. Hominus Nocturna

8. Melodreams

9. In Tenebris








Ah I miss music like this.  Unfortunately I don't believe he is making music any longer (same with the label sadly) and that is a great loss.  Dark, evil, and hard hitting this is what nighttime psytrance should aspire to be.  Phatmatix is Stephane Rault and his music is similar to another Frenchman called Concept. This is serial killer clown atmosphere with futuristic implications.  That opening downtempo introduction drips with fear.  He then launches into minor key acidic madness that continues the pervasive eerieness.  This music lives and breathes and like a vengeful spirit it hunts.  Grand and thematic in its depravity.  I didn't care for his third and ultimately final album Eternalis, but this one and his debut Sorcery nailed it.


I'd link to it, but since the label disappeared any of their releases have become quite difficult to locate, leaving one to the Discogs market. 

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