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Entheogenic - Limited Edition Box Set


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Entheogenic need no introduction. It is one of the groups that helped define the sound of Psychill in a great extent.

With 14 years on the scene and 9 released albums they have managed to gather a large and dedicated fan group.


Their last 4 albums were available only as a download. 


Digital Reprints wants to change that.


All 3 albums (Gaia Sophia [2011], Enthymesis [2014], A Singularity Encoded [2015]), 2 EPs  (B-Sides [2008], Anthropomorphic [2013]) and a bonus rmx by Kuba will be released on physical format.
8-panel high quality digipack, an 8pp booklet and a slipcase, all with artwork of Hakan Hisim will compliment the sound of Entheogenic in a truly artistic way. Only 100 copies will be printed and made available exclusively to Kickstarter backers. Those backers will be credited in the booklet.
This is your chance
4.5 hours of pure bliss that only 100 people in the world will be able to showcase in their collection.
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I couldn't make it but wow, this was quick, congrats to all involved!!

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Secured mine with only 3 left, phew! Smart choice as far as the project goes, not surprised you hit your target in one week ;)

Target in one week, sold out in less than two :)

Plenty of time though if someone wants the digital version in a discounted price :)

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