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Artist: Circular

Title: Moon Pool

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: July, 2014


1. Lunokhod

2. Selenic Light

3. Theory of Tides

4. Ashlands

5. Three Moons

6. Imbrium (featuring AES Dana)

7. Synchronous

8. Meteorites


"You think you're safe?  You are not."


The wizards at Ultimae strike again with the latest album from this Norwegian duo.  I usually only collect goa, but this label has produced so much quality music that I'm thinking of jumping on the Ultimae bandwagon.  That loud "F*ck you!" was from my wallet.  And probably my wife also if she ever finds out.  Just a few notes... 


Lunokhod begins as an ambient piece with drifting sounds and emotions for most of it's 13 minute length before a steady thumping kick drives it home.  Great opener that blends real world instruments, electronics, and nature sounds.


Selenic Light is a massive glacier of shimmering sound reflecting the sunlight right into your eyes.  Nary a beat to be found.


Theory of Tides is another atmospheric gem that tickles the abstract before it also delivers a steady kick after a lengthy ambient beginning.  Deliciously long and satisfying.


Ashlands is the most aggressive track yet with a churning, bubbling cauldron of forlorn melodies and electronic sounds.


3 Moons has a deep bass that provides the framework for the smile inducing melody and the bubbling 303 rumbling underneath.  You have to strain to hear it, but that draws me deeper into the music. 


Imbrium featuring Aes Dana is a glitchy track with strong dub overtones.  Distorted almost, but it became more enjoyable once the beat disappeared. 


Imbrium flows right into Synchronous and at the outset is cosmic ambient at its finest.  All the layers are perfect, a true front row seat to the moving galaxy.  The beat kind of ruins it for me though and it becomes too cluttered.


Meteorites closes it out with a very positive and hopeful track that combines the cosmic atmosphere and the sounds of nature.


A very good album that I will certainly come back too.  Relaxing and thought provoking.






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I also like this a lot and understand starkravers comparison to miktek's elsewhere although I would argue that is mostly due to elsewhere being much more homogeneous in mood (somber melancholic) . Moon pool is more of a journey that takes you through some different moods.


Fantastic album! At times (3 moons) enormously uplifting, a real joy to listen to.

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