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Return to the Source 15/10/2016 (Israel)


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Can I ask why Artha doesn't come by himself? I've seen the flyer with his name, and it's not the first time when he's not arriving.



Good question! :)

It was his choice not to go. That is why he asked me to represent him. We have an agreement on that which is made between us and stays personally between us).

So the exact reasons I keep private (not with the intention to start being mystical ;) ). Unless Michael himself wants to communicate here on that it will stay like that.

Our point was: "This music has to be played, cause it is too good not to be". :)

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I will accept it, Thanks.



You are welcome :)


1500 people while playing my set (wtf???!!!) And it wasn't for the more main stream music, all just came for goa trance, not for progressive or full on, nor dark - this was very intense...to experience. Honored! ...and humble to be a part of this energy... :wub:

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I hope you (or people who organized party) recorded some videos for all of us who couldn't be there and experience the music :)


Always some recordings, but not that good so you can hear all the music well. I found some good pictures though...

Well, went up stage just before Oforia and after Shidapu, and this was the floor (1500 people) :)

Another amazing experience.

Too bad I had to refuse 3 extra parties due to busy job schedule :(



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