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"V/A - Emotions From A Beija Flor"

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Trance2MoveU    372



Artist: Various (It's Filipe)

Title: Emotions From A Beija Flor

Label: Good Dance Recordings

Date: August, 2016


1.Jonni Dongju - Lion Savannah 07:07
2.Mana Source - Samurai 06:28
3.Tanzaku - Tanabata 06:56
4.Gankyil - Dhyani 06:25
5.Mana Source - Weevils Fly 06:22
6.Chynacid - Zen Dimensions 07:07
7.Medusis - Profound 07:40
8.Amithaba Buddha - Psyramid 07:53
9.Mana Source - Bonsai 07:13
10.Athenaia - Secret 06:38
11.Rainbow Islands - Seventh Heaven 06:08
Now this type of deja vu I don't mind.
The Filipe Santos recycled greatest hits tour continues with his latest digital release. As I mentioned before in other reviews of his work I believe him to be more machine than man, churning out so many quality goa trance tracks that it defies imagination. The music is pure uptempo, melodic, layered goa and normally he intersperses some new tracks amidst the older stuff. Not today Gertrude. All have been released before, but from top to bottom this album is a blistering affair. Not a single dull moment to be found and one of the best collections of his music to date in my opinion. He should comment less on forums and get back to doing this type of stellar work, we'd all be better for it I'll tell you. I'm especially thankful for the Psyramid track as I had forgotten how utterly bad ass it was! My other favorite is Weevils Fly, a full-throated screamer of a track.
Aside from the horrible cover (and let's be honest it's been a run of those) this thing is damn near flawless. Highly recommended.

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Anu Katariina    328

Yep, highly recommended. i just have a feeling that 2-3 members read these GDR reviews, it is sadly their loss.

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Anu Katariina    328

Thanks for the free download.

What, where?

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