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Artist: Various

Title: Tranceformers

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Date: June, 2006


1. Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene (Andromeda Remix)

2. Ibojima - Situations

3. Chomosome Vs. Ibojima - Accelerating Into Oblivion

4. S>range - Another Theory (Chromosome Remix)

5. Zekazy - Worker or Whacko

6. Chomosome Vs. Endorian - Midnight Express

7. Endorian - The Only Braincell Left

8. Deedrah - Take It or Leave It

9. Galactika Vs. Alexander Ligowski - Escape From Heaven

10. Chomosome - Genetic Superstar



Should I buy this?





Hmm...there you go. When the toaster told you what to do did you make the transforming sound? Yeah ya did. I wish this would transform into a better compilation. Optimus Prime should've requested a better soundtrack than these full-on cliches. Seriously they need to get those bass lines under control before someone gets hurt. Two tracks in and I was already firing up the candy crush. I mean come on...Oxygene is already pretty cheesy. It's like you caught the dog peeing on the carpet and just said f*ck it and then pissed on the recliner. There is a time and a place for full-on that has yet to be determined, but I'm pretty sure it's not when we're awake. Track 8 is like the worst superhero movie ever made. Galactika Vs...my mother-in law's cousin's accountant. That was the artist name you chose?


One thing I do know...if music was the power the Autobots needed for battle (energon) than I hope you enjoy Decepticon enslavement.

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As always,a pleasure to read

And as always, the amount of useful information is close to zero. Why bother reviewing the style you obviously dislike? Probably if I were to review bigband jazz, it would be like that "again these saxes and trumpets, how annoying, where are the proper synths?".


I didn't hear this compilation (except for the first track which is seriously awesome) but judging from the lineup it must be good for people who love melodic full-on. Like I do.

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