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Artist: Various

Title: The First Pulse

Label: Pulsewave Records

Date: 1996


1. Dormant - Auspex (Intro)

2. ARTificial - Origin of Species

3. Asiodiziac - Skinn

4. Mnemosyne - Six Feet Over

5. File Operation Error - Manhunt

6. Clockforest - Systems On

7. Subconscious Aurists - Astral Interference

8. The Signus - Robot Zone

9. Juicehead - Anything Is Everything

10. Clockforest - Sun Mark

11. File Operation Error - The End

12. ARTificial - Lunimous Lullabye (Outro)







Keep your distance ladies.


I know what you're thinking. "Jesus tap dancing Christ this guy will review a f*cking ham sandwich."


And to that I would say if I had the time. But back on task...


With the exception of Mississippi and Alabama everyone knows that this is a dated look. The only thing missing is a member's only jacket and a pair or acid washed jeans. And that's what this compilation is like. I don't know where I got it, but I think it was a throw in when I bought some stuff off Discogs. Two decades old and man it sounds like it. Think of a smorgasbord of electronic music that will bring you back to the early days. I put it here because it has some goa sounding tracks in it. Origin of Species comes to mind and it wouldn't have been bad, but those crash cymbals! A lot of the tracks just sound like dated 90's techno and electro. Complete with rave sounds and orchestra hits. Throw in a little dream trance and gabber and it's really the total package of no thank you.


Perhaps this will make you feel nostalgic. Not me though. Just made me want to delete it.

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ill check it tommorow

chances are its horrible old rave techno like u said o_O


cover is really bad

think they were trying to be as much weird as possible jeeezz

some weird ass alien with spiky boobs da fuckk??? :huh::huh::huh:


face looks like alien resurection the final alien shitttt scary shit

anybody for bit of lobster?? :lol:


hole-in-one cover art yippie

syringe in other hand reminds me of mark13 90s movie ... shit was really horrible dont wanna remember seriously u dont wanna know...

yes its bad really bad <_<


man now that i see the cover jeezz i would totally avoid this shit!! good for a scarefest :lol: this album mustve been used for somekind of prank :lol:


hey man whats up what are you listening to?

-shows cd cover-




yep .

least the 80s fuckin nerd trying to be hip makes you feel better after this bad cover experience .


ok tommorow i'll google the tracks probably as horrible as that cover...


why did you post this man , whyyyyyyy??? lol




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ok im checking this release like i dont give a toss

checked discogs.. 2 tracks up there , had a listen to them samples.. ok just your average goa... no wait ... i mean.. shit!

i can make songs like this taking a shit in 2 seconds , so stereotypical like most of goa :wacko: ... not gonna even check the rest , as you said its horrible and not even worth it and i believe you...

really mediocre... like grab any synth and push any turds you can out of it that's what you get... disgusting yea.. like this release :x

12 tracks ... for 2 pounds 50?

Score 3.33 ?? By this time i'd give it a 1 score at least , judging by 12 tracks only two are good and 10 are shit ...

what a bucketload of shit :mellow:

id rather save it and buy a proper goa EP than this... you'd be probably paying for those 2 best tracks that are up in the discogs sampler rest is just garbage ... get yourself a better goa EP and stay out of this one...

really this goes on the worst releases found honest

really... stay away from this release.

in the words of the AVGN :



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