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Sky Technology - In Search of Ancient Knowlege

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Artist: Sky Technology

Title: In Search of Ancient Knowledge

Label: Sita Records

Date: June, 2015


1. Proto-Knowledge

2. Babat Sink

3. Crazy Machines

4. Sands of the Desert

5. Who Are We?

6. Aural Planet

7. Broken Music Box

8. Magnetic Force

9. Göbekli Tepe

10. Babat Sink (Bonus Version)





Damn son. This is hot fire!



Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev, Ukraine and his debut album is something to behold. His style can get quite chaotic and for me he has been very consistent with the quality of his tracks. This album is very layered and packs quite the punch combining juicy undertones with growling melodies. The leads explode and perform aerobatic maneuvers with a slight nod towards nitzhogoa. And what do you expect it was released on Sita Records. That said if you're a collector of cheese look elsewhere cause you won't find any of it here. Warm sounds yet it feels as if it came from the deepest recesses of space. The only complaint I have is that the 10 tracks are in a similar vein so listening in one go may be too much for some to handle. To which I say sac up and fly right. On the other hand this will put you into that state of trance with some excellent sound quality.


Dmitriy...hi-five man. I bought the sh*t out of it.



Sita Records Bandcamp - 9 pounds for a digital album? Are you outta your f*cking mind?





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I'm a little disappointed with the lack of reviews for this one. Not sure why, as I know SkyTech definitely had hype behind him. I was going to write a very long review for this but it's just sitting on the back burner for ages and for some reason I'm having a hard time even starting. Sky Technologys debut was actually planned as far back as 2012 originally, but due to multiple issues it got delayed quite a bit and it's sound evolved a bit toward the nitzo kicks and style from goa because of the label it was being released on, but it's definitely more in the realm of goa than nitzo. I've been listening some of these tracks for like 4 years already and what strikes me is that, well, I'm still listening to them from time to time. I loved his first EP. It had such raw explosive melodies, one's that resonated with my brain so well I couldn't help but to become a follower who ended up doing a logo for him and then the artwork for the albums. What I really enjoyed about the process of the album coming together was the story. The tracknames correlate with the little story found in the booklet really well and I created the artwork to resonate with the idea as well.


About the music, I still love many of the tracks, regardless of hearing them hundreds of times. Some of them definitely took me quite a while to appreciate when I originally heard them. Sky Technology sometimes lacks the finesse some other artists have, but he makes up for it with the melodies and unique sounds. The climaxes on this album are some of the best in goatrance ever made, in fact some of them are probably my favourite climaxes ever. Just listen to the climaxes of Magnetic Force, Broken Music Box, Sands Of The Desert and Babat Sink. The sheer explosive energy and rawness. I don't know how he does it, but he does.


I just wish he got more recognition for creating such powerful tunes. This was my favourite album of 2015, excluding IFO remaster. And on that note, it might seem a bit biased as I was working so close to this project, but there's a reason why.

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Great album, I am glad to have the CD. The year 2015 was so awesome for goa trance so this album wasn't in my top 15 list of 2015 but def not far from it. This is my beloved jogging music :-) I could say much more but well, not a functional brain atm due to busy times. Just wanted to leave a comment because I, indeed, think Sky Tech is underrated as an artist because he truly has lots to offer to the scene: both uptempo and downtempo.

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