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Ziptnf - Sentient Beings [power psybreaks]


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I had a goal almost 3 years ago that I wanted to run a half marathon. There were challenges along the way due to injury, where I had to miss the race I planned to run. Today I completed my first one, and I made this mix for me to listen to while I did it.


This mix supplied a steady flow of electric energy that kept me holding a surprisingly fast pace (for myself) all the way through. These are some serious psybreaks, and they will blast out robot battle noises for just under 2 hours. Unfortunately, I ran out of mix before I ran out of race, but that's just something to work on :)


Image credit to the amazing Markus Vogt: markusvogt.deviantart.com


Hedflux - Non-Stop (Bad Tango Remix) [Luminus]

Frequency Less - Time Paradox (Kwah Remix) [Rune]

Roboteknic - Someplace Else [sub Element]

Matskie - Mind Science [96kHz]

Alter Form - Visionary (Frequency Less Remix) [Rune]

Retroid & Alter Form - No Way Out [Ego Shot]

Toefinger & Soulah - Reality Tunnel (Too Dusty Remix) [YellowFinger]

Optobot - Atomic Energy (48K Remix) [sub Element]

Blazer - Obsidian [black Hole]

Jiro - Uncertain Future [Ego Shot]

Neurodriver - Sidewinder (Sense Datum Remix) [broken Robot]

Acidova - Dealer 2 (Optobot Remix) [sub Element]

MartOpetEr - Irony (Too Dusty Remix) [broken Robot]

Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon's Hunt (Quadrat Beat Remix)

Audiohazard - Searching (Blazer Remix) [Perfecto]

X-Dream - The 1st (Far Too Loud Re-fix) [soundcloud]

Parallax Breakz - Abyss (ALT-A Remix) [VIM]

Mariner - Orca (Retroid Remix) [sweet Science]

Jiro - Come Back [Kindcrime]

Chris Voro - Chimera [straight Up!]

Audio:Hertz - My Enemy (Deformaty Remix) [Kick It]


Enjoy! :D


Soundcloud Link


left-click to download:

Ziptnf - Sentient Beings (1:45:38) 253.5MB ~320kbps

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Took a listen to this the other day. Some ups, some downs. The most notable down being (assumedly) Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon's Hunt (Quadrat Beat Remix). Anyway, it's the track that samples the opening theme from Ghost In The Shell, and to me it's a track that's not to be abused in this way. The only acceptable way to use the track in a DJ set is to play it purely on its own without it being sampled and mashed into another track. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.

On the other hand, thanks for including the FTL remix of X-Dream - The 1st. I adore the original track and this remix is right on par with it. It'll surely go into one of my sets as a surprise number.

Overall, a little bit more variation would have been nice, but this is psybreaks, and psybreaks is what it delivers so I don't really see a reason to complain :)

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Thank you for the review, Paul Eye! Glad to see some actual feedback on this forum, which I was afraid was dead for a while.


RE: the Tactical Groove Orbit track, I am sure you are aware that the producer of the track is the one who included the Ghost in the Shell sample... I definitely agree that it sounds a bit strange. I struggled to mix it in after the Too Dusty track because of the semi-abrupt ending, so the transition into it already started off rough. Coupling that with the vocals that didn't really seem to match, this track was probably not a star. In all reality, I was trying to make the mix long enough to last for the duration of my race, so perhaps I included a few tracks that I wouldn't have if I aimed to make it around my average set length.


Variation in psybreaks is a little hard to come by... so many producers have a single riff or pattern that they bash out and repeat for the entire track, so the variation comes in the track selection. I felt like I accomplished that already, with melodic tracks like Roboteknic - Someplace Else, mind-warpers like Neurodriver - Sidewinder (Sense Datum Remix), and bruisers like MartOpetEr - Irony (Too Dusty Remix). I definitely understand if you felt like more was needed, but I did my best with the tracks I had access to (without repeating any, of course... I already have 3 other psybreaks mixes).


Again, thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you stop by and listen to more of my sets in the future!

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No worries, I figured as much :) Yeah that sample didn't fit quite so nicely, glad you pointed that out! Thanks again for listening, check my soundcloud for my other mixes that may tickle your fancy :D

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