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StevO - Visions (work in progress)


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Yo psynewsers :)


Its been a quite long time after my last visit here, shame on me! in meanwhile ( :P) did some spiritual shit and finally got myself alone with the machines and produced some full lenght track im satisfied! go and take a listen, all kinds of critics are very welcome! :)



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TY guys! :) did let it alone for a while, to hear if it works at least close after the workflow, can say im still satisfied and also, recieved alot of small things to change and correct! :) will post the final version when its done, cheeers :)

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Visions? yes yes ofcourse :D drum section is very limited as back then ( 6 months ago :P ) i lived in unknowing how to connect single drums and percussions to monos to have them all controled properly so i didnt wanted (instinctly) to concentrate on that too much .... :P:) today still i have same stupid habit not working simultanly on drum section when creating a new track, its soooo much better having the base of the all dancing music while doing anything in the track :)


did an upgrade of Visions some 2 months ago, sounds much better and have some more melodies in but its not finished, its my first track ever i did completely alone and i really want to make it sound best possible so i let it be and hear it for a while after doing tons of other new stuff to gain more prod exp ...... :)


did you heard new stuff?? :) last 2 were made on friday and saturday last week :P Remix of Miranda - Green Man (last (yesterday) mix) already sounds epic i can say :D

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