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What is the Killargh bass?

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anything "killargh" is a relic from the early 00s when isratrance was a lively forum. the best vst to achieve it is any (that does have a sufficiently snappy envelope and doesn't have a highpassfilter you can't remove on everying).

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"killargh" used to be an expression for something that the speaker thinks is outragiously good (before people started to make fun of it and only used it ironically). just as in "man, that is a killargh track!"


so killargh bass is just some sort of bass that someone finds to be pretty good. there's no official "killargh bass". so you can choose your own favourite samples and call them killargh (if you don't mind people thinking you're some isreali who has slept for the last 10 years and tries to promote his music).

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