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Solar Force


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Hands down my favorite Trance producer. Draeke, please DAT all this and release it.l

Its not psy in terms of goa, but such amazingly dreamy trance, it litterally feels like a cup of strong Valerian Root Tea, if ure in the right mood, and on headphones.


Ive dozed off to him lots of times, Trains especially.

Anyway, nuff intro: here is my two favorites, but there are plenty plenty to be found elsewhere and also mostly on youtube.

Shame he aint been released yet and it sounds like a project fit for Batma- I mean Draeke sry.




lots of D5 vibes and other stuff going on, truly a master.

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I mean, Robert Miles aint got shit on this kid.

and im not even gonna shame the thread by mentioning ti**to, and that genre of trance.


If I could create this sound and making into Goatrance, Ive fulfilled my lifelong goal.


The tracks just need real mastering, and i feel like i can master them well enough for my own enjoyment, but if its a youtube rip or an mp3, mastering that just feels bad.

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Chi-ad - Exit Eternity as THE perfect example ;)

which is where i got my new artist name from, Exit Eternity :)


Still love Solarforce more tho. Just happen to not like the theme of most chiad tracks :/ But thats just taste and nothing else. never said a bad thing about chiad yet, and wont cause i get why ppl love him same thing goes for Ra.


But yes, there are quite a few tracks sounding like this and are goatrance. The example you gave is a great one and many more comes to mind too.Yahel, BPC, Artifact, many many more, MWNN too

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oh man I feel so reminded of my beginnings on Tranceaddict right now ... used to roam that forum and listen to stuff that "sounded alike" many years back :D 

...until I went to my first goa party and a good soul directed me to Psynews here - will be forever thankful 

good recommendadtion

but it's not valerian tea to me. Caron Based Lifeforms is valerian tea. Or at least it used to be...

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