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"V/A - Mideranged"

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Artist: Various

Title: Mideranged

Label: Furtive Records

Date: 1999


1. Midrange Freedom Fighters - Death Rattle

2. Parasyke - Tick

3. Midrange Freedom Fighters - Subspace Distortion

4. Airborn Virus - Alien Babewatch

5. Midrange Freedom Fighters - Dark City Slicker

6. Midrange Freedom Fighters - God Complex

7. Splonge - Space Junkie





What the f*ck, man? Who thought this would be a good idea? Pubic hair sprinkles, nice touch you sicko, there is no way that I... Oh it's chocolate?


F*ck it, gimme two dozen.



If you sell cupcakes (not that sick sh*t above) and decide to open a business to sell your cupcakes and then decide once you've made those cupcakes and sold a bunch that on that same day you're going to close your business, well...I'd say that's not really a good business model. I don't care if they're the greatest cupcakes in the world you're still going to take a bath on that venture.


But that's what happened here. Furtive Records is a one off label, just a bunch of buddies getting together just to release this CD. Clearly they weren't in it for the long haul or take make sacks of cash. Maybe they make cupcakes and one day after an intensive bong session they said, "F*ck it let's make up a label and release an album and then shut it down. It'll be the most bad ass thing ever! And then we'll just give it away! Hells yeah!" After many bags of Doritos and a bunch of naps that's just what they did.


The artists are all the same guys. They did the art, the mastering...everything. And what they came up with was some twisted, psychedelic stuff. Music for the time where goa was well on the way out and psytrance was foraging an experimental new path. You've got swampy forest sounds, tribal percussion, and some groovy bass lines. The uh, moaning on Alien Babewatch...yeah I can't confirm that they didn't lift that from the Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson sex video. But if they did that's pretty good work for an album that is now licensed to drive in all 50 states. It's not the best album you'll ever hear, but for a one and done it will get you there psychedelically speaking. So they built a "label" released one album, and waited for cult status to roll in. Last time this thing sold on Discogs was 6 years ago. Mission accomplished gentlemen.


Who wants more cupcakes?


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