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I'm trying to keep things compact. Acoustic trearment under way, I bought Finnish acoustic paneling made from 100% peat, I should hang them any day now, and then rig up some kind of DIY bass traps... OTOH I work almost entirely on cans these days, here I was temporarily confined to the Shures, horrible horrible sound. Now I use AKG Q701 phones, better than either my previous Sennheiser HD650 or Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros, I really like the sound and they are dirt cheap.


I'm not a gear fetisist really, but I've bought some fun things that I feel give me things I can't get from the computer. I had to recently sell my 501 Space Echo when I needed money, that hurt a bit, it had more character than anything digital I've ever heard... My favourite synth can't be seen here, the SammichSID, uses the sound chips from a Commodore 64. Fabulous sound, still didn't use it on so many tracks really, the editing is a pain in the ass and takes some setting up.


Now I replaced the PCR with a Roland D50 from the 80s, it's got a great feeling on the keys, and actually the preset factory sounds are pretty great for cheesy 80s stuff :D But it's built really well, it feels quite substantial, and I got it for free, so it can do for now. At some point I might get the full size Arturia Keylab though.


The kantele, along with a load of other instrumets I made myself. Oh, and the hand forged lamp :D I should do more lighting fixtures as soon as I have some time on my hands, everything that is on sale looks like crap. Yes I'm pretty anal about aesthetics :D Next I want something like plant parts that I can hang on the walls...


Hmm and actually now the studio has also a lot of plants, the pic is from last summer. I think it's good to be surrounded by living things when I work. And I consider the national park I live next to a part of my studio, since any time I get stuck a small walk will sort that out!


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After longer break I came back to this place and have to admit that you guys made me happy due the amount of posts here!

keep going, posting and discussing! :)

sorry for just little spam.

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