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Another 'music like' topic...

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Sorry they are overdone sometimes but just listened to Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles and its brilliant.


It's regular tempo music but it just sounds so relaxing. So is there anything else like it? Can be any genre.

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I completely agree with you. It is one of my favourite. I think I over listened to that one :D


This was my favourite pair for some reason.


Akasha Project - MDMA tuning

Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles (fine tuning :D )


Back on topic.

Have you heard "November's Doom - Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers" ? Eventhough it's Doom Metal, I felt the same about it. There is something very relaxing about it. Of course it gloomy. But it's calming, idk how or why.


Make sure you check out his downtempo EP. :)



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Antares' album "Exodus" might suit your needs here, although I think Kristian's music is very unique.

By a rather long shot, the album "Om - Instant Enlightenment" may fit, not sure. It's a deep trance and ambient album from 1993.

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