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Maiia303 - Sleepless Nights In Anjuna

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Sleepless Nights In Anjuna

Mystic Sound Records



1. Electric Particles

2. Sleepless Nights In Anjuna

3. Sunset Glitter


Funky breakbeat set to some lovely goa and one track that has become my favorite in this young year are the highlights of Maiia303's "Sleepless Nights In Anjuna" EP.


The "Electric Particles" opener is fun but the "Sunset Glitter" conclusion is better. On that ending track, mastered oh-so-well by the great Edward Cybered, exciting musical twists-and-turns abound but it is the old-school, funky breakbeat style set to goa that makes the track a great one.


Still, for as good as "Sunset Glitter" is it cannot stand with the title track. With no hesitation whatsoever I pick "Sleepless Nights In Anjuna" as my favorite track here in 2015, an instant classic to my ears, a track where a lot of thrilling things happen but all are delivered with smooth, assured narration.


Maiia303 takes deliciously funky, ass-bouncing old-school breakbeat and turns it loose inside a goa playground of sound. Never once does this talented producer allow her sounds to become overly complex, as one minute it is an awesome dancefest, the next it is goa bliss filled with epic and soaring melodies but with each element having its own chapter until the thrilling finale brings the elements together for one absolutely superb conclusion.


It's the sort of track one hopes to hear at a Sunday morning gathering, where the grooves are measured so well and are so invigorating and soothing that it feels like one's energy could hold up to these levels of dancing for hours. It helps to have so much imagination and good taste contained in one six-minute package.


"Sleepless In Anjuna" is a very good EP but it is an absolutely stellar track. I'm completely smitten with it!




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