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Drumatik - Sacred Places


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Sacred Places

Sangoma Records



1. Unlocking Mysteries

2. Parvati Diamonds

3. Nebula's Quest

4. Side Chains

5. Sacred Places


A rock-solid EP of rollicking peak-hour full-on. And extra points for that ridiculously good cover art.


This is peak-hour in-the-forest full-on, the type of music that gives full-on a good name, as opposed to the generic in-the-club variety prevalent through today's psy scene. This is full-on designed for the discerning listener.


"Unlocking Mysteries" is a superb opener, unveiling many layers of delicious energy, layers of great effects, truly inspired work.


"Parvati Diamonds" is a continuation of all that is great with the EP opener, full of imagination, awesome taste in musical directions and thrilling dance-floor pleasing peaks.


"Nebula's Quest" loses a bit of steam from the first two tracks but does no less than soldier on and the longer it plays out the more hypnotic is the spell it weaves. In the end, the track works some very fine magic.


"Side Chains" makes little to no sense. Fashioned in the popular psygressive style, my thought is "why the hell is this here?" It is a dramatic direction change from the very tasteful full-on everywhere else on the EP, it is also a very tasteless track. Generic and heard way too often by way too many psy artists, not a good style for this talented producer.


The natural concern going into the EP closer is that more psygressive blandness may be in store. Alas, Drumatik changes direction again, getting back into the rhythms and vibes built up by the first three tracks. "Sacred Places" is a bombastic finale, exactly the type of boiling, fiercely energetic curtain call that this great EP deserves.


Great job on this EP by Drumatik. Four-out-of-five of these tracks turn out to be gems and that cover art, oh, that cover art. It is a sacred place unto itself.



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