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Artist: E-Mantra

Title: Echoes From the Void

Label: Altar Records

Date: November, 2014


1. Echoes From the Void

2. Everything Ends

3. Snow Began To Fall

4. E-Mantra & Reasonandu - Words You Said

5. Stillness of Dawn

6. Sundial Aeon - Drifting Radio Frequencies (E-Mantra Remix)

7. Moon Drifter

8. Night Hex - Invocation

9. Shivers









You painted a f*cking soup can. Good for you. I can go to Food Lion and see six pallets of those. That's just my 2 cents.







Drugs are bad, okay? Still think that last tab of acid was a good idea? But at least your shoes are pink so...awareness and sh*t.







Ho-lee-sh*t. You just painted a picture of your dirty feet. How many millions did that sell for?



These are just a few examples of why you can't judge what is art and what isn't. Eye of the beholder. Even though the above are just some random examples and seem ridiculous to me I am not the end all and be all of opinions. Like you I have one and it's no more or less accurate than yours.


Well, maybe yours (points to guy with the dirty feet.) Take a shower man this ain't Woodstock.


Art is subjective. And artists regardless of medium tend to be some odd f*ckers. Might be what sets them apart from the rest of the normals. I imagine Emmanuel is no different. Don't know him, but what I do know is that in his chosen medium he can do no wrong. Having already conquered goa he has almost done the same to psychill. Echoes From the Void is his fourth album in the downtempo genre and surprise surprise he explores new territory. The first half of the album is an ambient experience exploring mystical soundscapes. Ideal for waking up early and catching the rising sun from atop some lofty snow capped peak.


Which is what I would've done if I didn't have kids.


Floating voices soar and echo above warm pads as he slowly brings you along. Measured break beats keep the tempo whilst hypnotic melodies lull you into a dream state. Words You Said is the first surprise being more uplifting than his usual moody downtempo style. The second half of the album is progressive trance with a few showcasing the goa style we have come to expect from this artist. His Nighthex alias in particular produced a very enjoyable track.


E-mantra is goa trance first and foremost, but he has also proven himself in the downtempo and ambient genre. With this album he explores the progressive arena with fine results. He's an artist that I hope continues to stretch his creative imagination as we the listeners will all be the better for it. Highly recommended to add to your E-mantra collection.


Altar Bandcamp




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Was not impressed with this one. "The Hermit's Sanctuary," to me, eye of the beholder and all that, is a masterpiece. Like E-Mantra conquered a great goa style I feel he did the same with psychill with that album but here only "Snow Began To Fall" really hit that level of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring beauty. Everything else feels too ambient or too progressive. This one feels like an artist trying to figure out his next step. It just doesn't feel complete like "The Hermit's Sanctuary" or "Nemesis."

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eye of the beholder indeed. i thought the hermit's sanctuary was his weakest downtempo album; probably also because i've been used to e-mantra-style downtempo and the third album just seemed like more of the same.

echoes from the void is different. the first half of the album is more or less what you would expect if you know his previous downtempo work. still, i find it better better than hermit's sanctuary and just as good as the previous albums.


but the second half is where it really gets interesting. from track to track the music slowly and seemlessly picks up speed and energy, even becoming dancable towards the end, and the atmosphere from the first half doesn't get lost in the process. unlike most other opinions i've heard, i wouldn't call the last few tracks progressive. it sounds more like atmospheric/minimalistic mid tempo goa to me. in this way it's a harmonious mixture somewhere between e-mantra's uptempo and downtempo work. but i could see how this music could fill the same spots in festival lineups that are currently most often occupied by progressive. but either way, it's certainly something fresh that hasn't been done before in the psy genre.

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