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Artist: Various

Title: Firewall

Label: Timecode Records

Date: March, 2004


1. CPU - Keep The TimeCode

2. sHiFt - Dr. Silverman

3. Brethren - The Wolf

4. Twisted System - Artificial Intelligence

5. Artifakt - Right Foot

6. Rabdom L - Tantrum

7. Phyx - Contact

8. Triskell Vs. Audiobrains - Init

9. Broken Toy - The_Zine Family


"Have you ever spent anytime with the zine family?"



Ah...right about here is when South African psy superlabel Timecode was just getting into their stride. The Godfather of this type of psytrance they released album after album of crushing music for fans of the genre. It seemed that every release was better than the last, bursting with power and dark atmospheres. And this seemed to be where the momentum began. You got tracks from CPU and the triumvirate of sHifT, Phyx, and Twisted System that are just off the charts good. Artifakt brought his brand of tech-trance on a couple of tracks and the Brethren offering was another blaster.


If you're a South African psytrance fan I believe this must be in your collection. Still sounds great today.



Timecode Bandcamp



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