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First 2 experiments with Goa/ Psytrance. Hope you like it! (Agonyx)


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Hi guys! :)


I falled in love with Goa/ Psytrance. The music and all the beautiful people just inspiring me and my soul! :)


Then I've decided to produce some tracks in these genres. So, 2 Weeks later and here they are!


I really hope you like it. Please leave a feedback, if you think I need help or something. Every view and feedback is really

important to me! :>



'Snow Odyssey':





'T.M.P. (Trance - Scendental - Motherload - Pounder)':





PS: Sorry for my english, It isn't my first language. :)



Best greetings!


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Oh, okay. Thank you for your analysations. :)

Can you give me a few 'rules' to make real goa, please? Example: What can I do, to make this 2 tracks much more goa-like? :)


Bg Agonyx


that's a really difficult question. but you focus in rhytm/percussion a lot, which is rare in goa (mostly used in more tribal tracks like for instance elysium) and you do that with a pretty technoid choice of sounds.

in the first track there's only one real melody (a pretty simple one; and that is overlaid with a hoover type of sound - i guess that would be a first concerning goa ;) ) while goa is all about melodies and their interaction. it doesn't have to be a melody overload with no more room to breathe like with some of the newschool stuff, the older goa often uses them sparingly, but you'd still have more complicated melodic lines, and interaction between the melodies and between melodies and other stuff, creating interesting harmonies. just compare your track to the classics (pleiadians - maia, bpc - crystal, ....) and you'll know what i mean.

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