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Siam - Start To Focus EP


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Artist: Siam

Title: Start To Focus EP

Label: Goa Records

Date: November, 2012


1. Psychic Energy

2. Start To Focus

3. Run To The Sun

4. Beyond The Astral Worlds



Let's keep this short and sweet. This is John Pitsakis from Greece with I believe his first EP. It's a mixture of goa and psy sounding very full-on. Psychic Energy was too long and needed some more evolution. Some good acid licks, but it felt small. Start To Focus was more assertive with its goa badassery and makes good use of layers. Run to the Sun was ok, but again light on the details. Just when I thought I was gonna give this the emphatic thumbs down he saves the best for last. Beyond the Astral Worlds has more interesting melodies and a greater sense of tension.


Not a terrible ep, but his subsequent Sunset In Jupiter EP is far superior.





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