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"V/A - Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Psychedelic Trance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Psychedelic Trance

Label: Phantasm Records

Date: June, 1995


1. Akasha - Beings From Another World

2. Interlect 3000 - Gravitation (Sundog Remix)

3. Quartermass - Kali

4. Mindfield - Sphynx

5. Synasthesiacs - Channel 9

6. Mindfield Vs. Sundog - Ghosts On The Highway

7. Temple of Dreams - Oscillation

8. Sundog - Brain Capers

9. Synthasy - Spiral Journey

10. Taufactor - Red Shift

11. Mojo - Bass Driver

12. Silver & Steel - Dreaming of Disco Valley



"Beings from another world have visited Earth before."





Regardless of your political preference, this would ah...hmmm...this would explain a lot.



The first in the series this compilation had some potential, but not unlike a two day old bottle of coke lost it's fizz near the end. The first few tracks were not spectacular, but solid efforts with the means to sweep you up and prepare you for takeoff with their deep goa sensibilities. Then it got a little too happy and trancey as if the compilers followed the pot luck method of track selection.


"Yeah, f*ck it just throw it in there! It's a stew man! Everyone loves a good stew!"


The quality and depth found in the first few were noticeably absent in later tracks. Phantasm was a label started by John Ford (Mindfield) and the late Simon Carman and you will find a lot of the tracks by Mindfield, Sundog (John Ford and Simon Carman) and various other side projects of Mindfield. The best thing I can say about this compilation was that while some of the tracks were unimpressive it's a mixed CD and it is mixed well.


Hardly essential and I imagine if it didn't have sequels that were far superior this would have faded into obscurity.




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