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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Bliss Title: The Rhythmus Gene Label: Phantasm Records Date: December, 2005 1. The Love Hack 2. No Gravity 3. Upside Down 4. The Rhythmus Gene 5. Dirty Boy 6. Pause 7. Tidal Waves 8. Monitor Access 9. Miracle Whip 10. Spaceless "Things don't always go the way we expect." Yonatan Marcow. Yonatan? Sounds like a Indian with a lisp. But yes Yonatan Marcow is the mind behind one of the fluffiiest, dare I say cavity causing, cotton candy, multicolored unicorn rainbow sh*tting albums ever made. He seems Israeli, but I suspect that this was made in Cloud Cuckoo Land under the watchful eye of Unikitty. "More melodies f*cker! Stay positive, more f*cking positivity!!" So...how to tackle this. Here's what you do. Find the largest black man you can find and just call him the n word. Right to his face. If you somehow survived this encounter what will undoubtedly have happened is multiple blows from his fists will have connected with your face and promptly removed a vast majority of your teeth. This is of course a more extreme method of reaching the same conclusion, but on the positive side I have saved you almost 80 minutes of your time. Time is money and you will now need said saved money for the extensive dental reconstruction. You're welcome. But seriously... Nope, nothing serious about this. This is eating a whole bakers dozen of Krispy Kremes by yourself. It felt good going down, but now you feel sick and have explosive diarrhea. It's full-on to it's very, very, sweet core right from the first B-52's sample and after finishing it there will be shame. Perhaps you'll go for a long walk in the rain because you think that that is what you deserve. Alone, to gather your thoughts and breakaway from this destructive shame spiral. But the shame is thick, make no mistake you will wallow in it. And there will be self loathing. And then shame again. Sure you'll throw on some intelligent music. Maybe some Hallucinogen in an attempt to wash off the stink. But you know what? I'll do it all over again. This is my secret, guilty pleasure. When I'm with my friends (please, I don't have any friends) I'll chuckle along with them and make fun of this. Then when I get home I'll lock my door, turn it up and let it howl. The sound is excellent with lasers, acid, and pounding bass lines on full display. The melodies are highly euphoric with multiple layers. Halfway through, I shame regurgitate in my mouth, but I will see this through. I will not let that shame define me. I shall wallow in it and make it my own. Delicious, delicious shame and self-loathing.
  2. Artist: Various Title: Mind Your Own Isness Label: Phantasm Records Date: June, 2006 1. Alien Project - Mover Over 2. Eskimo Vs. John Phantasm - They're In Trouble Now 3. Sirius Isness - Sanctified (Cycle Sphere Remix) 4. Absolum - Surprises Upset People 5. Sirius Isness Vs. Earthling - Call of the Wind 6. Bliss Vs. Painkiller - Out of Phaze 7. CPU - U-spin 8. XSI - Alchemik Machine 9. Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix (Talamasca Remix) I had a whole review written for this, but I lost my phone so I'll give you the jist of it. Yep...that about says it. Look nobody is more horrified at the fact that I resorted to a Marky Mark gif more than I, but if it walks like a duck... As a label how can you put your name to this blatant full-on cash grab? It's disgustingly boring full-on nonsense. Stops, starts, tired samples that were f*cking sleepy a decade ago. I don't think the saddest parts are the tracks themselves although there's sufficient material there to cry yourself to sleep. Nope I believe it's the wasted potential exhibited by these artists. All of them have done better than this and at this point it seems they're just out for rent money. The lone bright spot would have to be Absolum's Surprises Upset People with it's raw power and the grooveability of Earthling's track. Man I wish I would've minded my own isness. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Lumen Title: Way Up In The Air / 3 To 1 EP Label: Phantasm Records Date: 1998 1. Way Up In The Air 2. 3 To 1 I downloaded this out of curiosity. What? Don't look at me that way. Just don't. What would I do with a 12" (ask your mother)? I don't even think my father has a record player and he was born in the 40's. Lumen is Chris Conklin and I had no idea he used to make goa trance. Learn something new yadda yadda yadda. Anyway he did, and boy did he do it well. This is a very unheralded EP. Both tracks have old school melodies that build slowly, but come together in the end. Good stuff. Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Machine Head Label: Phantasm Records Date: May, 2004 1. Eskimo - Show Me the Money 2. Black and White - Flipper 3. Z-Machine - Drinking Dreams 4. Mindfield Vs. Dickster - Slide (Groovy People Remix) 5. Azif Ewuz - Hyperdelic 6. Jumanji - In Da Jungle 7. Eskimo & DJ Vlado - Jinja Ninja 8. Eskimo - Party Pooper 9. Dynamic - Virus Infection 10. Gundam - The Strike "Got a machine head, better than the rest!" Machine Head by Bush in the 90's was the mother f*cking jam! Decked out in Timberland boots and a flannel shirt I was ready for a night out. A decade later a new machine head erupted onto the scene which quickly had me dusting off my Pearl Jam CD's. But this ain't grunge. It's just...grungy. Full-on by the usual suspects. From 2004. Let that sink in for a minute. Hindsight is always 20/20, but for God's sake the first track is called Show Me The Money. Looks like it pays to be the progeny of John Phantasm cause his boy is all over this thing. That said there are some bright moments. Jumanji's In Da Jungle being one of them. Wait did I say moments? Clearly I misspoke. This is like boner pills for full-on lovers. Music like this makes labels like Compact Records wake up with night sweats. Virus infection? Isn't that redundant? Bah, this whole f*cking compilation is redundant. Clearly this is for lovers of carbon copy cut 'n' paste full-on only. So...when's Nirvana getting back together? Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Psychedelic Trance Label: Phantasm Records Date: June, 1995 1. Akasha - Beings From Another World 2. Interlect 3000 - Gravitation (Sundog Remix) 3. Quartermass - Kali 4. Mindfield - Sphynx 5. Synasthesiacs - Channel 9 6. Mindfield Vs. Sundog - Ghosts On The Highway 7. Temple of Dreams - Oscillation 8. Sundog - Brain Capers 9. Synthasy - Spiral Journey 10. Taufactor - Red Shift 11. Mojo - Bass Driver 12. Silver & Steel - Dreaming of Disco Valley "Beings from another world have visited Earth before." Regardless of your political preference, this would ah...hmmm...this would explain a lot. The first in the series this compilation had some potential, but not unlike a two day old bottle of coke lost it's fizz near the end. The first few tracks were not spectacular, but solid efforts with the means to sweep you up and prepare you for takeoff with their deep goa sensibilities. Then it got a little too happy and trancey as if the compilers followed the pot luck method of track selection. "Yeah, f*ck it just throw it in there! It's a stew man! Everyone loves a good stew!" The quality and depth found in the first few were noticeably absent in later tracks. Phantasm was a label started by John Ford (Mindfield) and the late Simon Carman and you will find a lot of the tracks by Mindfield, Sundog (John Ford and Simon Carman) and various other side projects of Mindfield. The best thing I can say about this compilation was that while some of the tracks were unimpressive it's a mixed CD and it is mixed well. Hardly essential and I imagine if it didn't have sequels that were far superior this would have faded into obscurity. Mdk
  6. Artist: Mindfield & Baraka Title: VD Massacre EP Label: Phantasm Records Date: 1999 1. VD Massacre 2. VD Massacre (ManMadeMan Remix) "According to my source the end of the world will be on February 14th in the year 2016." "Valentines Day. Bummer." Holy sh*t that's right around the corner. But other than that cool sample from Ghostbusters 2 not a lot to see here. The remix could be more annoying than the original. Like stepping in cow sh*t is worse than trodding through dog sh*t. You still f*cked up your Jordans. It's definitely louder and heavier with the samples. So it's got that going for it. Mdk
  7. Artist: Green Nuns of the Revolution Title: Green Nuns Remix EP Label: Phantasm Records Date: 1999 1. Tufaan - Tufaan (Green Nuns Flakey '99 mix) 2. Mindfield - Sphynx (Green Nuns Remix) "I can't get that song out of my head!" GNOTR and Tufaan are almost the same people so their cross track remixes make sense. On this EP the Nuns also tackle a Mindfield track. What you get is lots of effects with a decided lean towards the techno side of things. It wins as a remix ep because it's very different from the originals. It gets added bonus points for remaining true to the goa sound picture. If you like the stuff Anjuna is putting out these days than you'll love this. Mdk
  8. Artist: ManMadeMan Title: Gold Dust / Karahana EP Label: Phantasm Records Date: 1999 1. Gold Dust 2. Karahana I'm beginning to change my opinion of this project. Used to hate them, but that was because I had only heard their most recent music. Their older tracks really show off their versatility. Sure Karahana still bores me, but Gold Dust is very psychedelic and appealing with it's noisy, clanky style. Not goa by any stretch, but not a whole lot was back in 99. Interesting though. Mdk
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