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Omnivox - Fragments of Evolution


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Artist: Omnivox

Title: Fragments of Evolution

Label: Spacedock Records

Date: June, 2013


1. Helios

2. Modus Operandi

3. What Happens Next

4. Liquid Fire

5. Eternity Speedway

6. Essentia

7. Moonwalk

8. No More Illusions

9. Nephandi

10. Weapon of Mass Enlightenment








Ok that's just ridiculous. You'll be the first one to complain when a guy can't stare you in the face.



Our cup truly runneth over people. 2014 has been an...It's just been an...excuse me...


*runs over to model in gif and squeezes boobs screaming "honka honka!"*


2014 has been an exceptional year for goa trance. Rarely has so much quantity intersected with quality and for that we should be eternally grateful. And by grateful I mean reaching into your pocket and actually purchasing the hard work of the artists. The list of superb releases this year is too long to mention (the guy from listology seems to have thrown in the towel), but every label has contributed to this bounty. Suntrip, DAT, Cronomi, Timewarp, Neogoa...they all seem to be at the top of their game.


So the sneaky f*cks at Spacedock tried to slide this under the radar, but I got ya.






Wait a minute...You think I don't know what's going on here? Ok a little background...This is the debut album of Omnivox aka Tomislav Crncic.






"That's your name? What's your real name? What was it before you changed it?"


Tomislav Crncic.



Really? Look at all those f*cking consonants! Ever heard of a vowel?


Allright. That checks out. But did you know that Tomislav has "neighbors?" Several of them in fact. Does M-run ring a bell? How about Liquid Flow? I know this is off topic and no offense to Mr. Flow, but...that project name always makes me think of a chicks period. Gross. Change it.


Now where was I?


Oh, it gets better. Guess who else is his neighbor? Goasia.






That's right, the same Goasia that started up a little label called Spacedock Records! They share internet connections. Calm down. It's in Croatia so that means that there is one tired as f*ck hamster on the hamster wheel. But having the stars of goa trance as neighbors? This would be like Kanye being my neighbor.


"Hey Kanye can jump on some of that broadband?"











"Yo Kanye, can I squeeze Kimmies sweater puppies?"












"Yo Heezy, can I borrow a f*ckin' cup of sugar?"










You see! Do. You. See? This confirms my theory that goa trance is the language of aliens and for whatever reason they landed in the Balkans. They hang out in groups, they use each other's communication devices...they are trying to take over and you guys are acting like everything's fine!


*sniff sniff*


Why do I smell alcohol? Aha! Right outta the playbook. What's the first things aliens do when someone discovers them? Douse them with alcohol! So the guy sounds like a lunatic!


*Voice from the kitchen*


"No it's because you're on your seventh beer you lazy f*ck! Now go take out the garbage like I asked you to an hour ago!"



So back to Omnivox, he released an album back in the day called Inner Polarity as Vox. But Vox didn't sound anything like this. Well more than his name has changed. He's grown and I don't mean that in an eat your f*cking vegetables or you're not getting up from the table kinda way. He's gotten better as a producer (which is easy to do when you have one of your alien friends teach you the intricacies of Cubase) and found that hidden sweet spot where great melodies and danceability meet power. His Alien Humanity EP was the first hint of that change back in 2012 and it blew me away. Fast forward to 2014 and he's put together an entire album full of cosmic goa trance replete with atmospheric breaks and bludgeoning force. Right from the start Helios sets the tone with a great intro. This is straight forward pumping goa trance that will move you as it evolves continuously. It screams, growls with liquid sounds, and scorches. I can see the similarities with M-Run's style. The fact that it's another Balkan doing goa trance pretty much necessitates a drug test doesn't it?


Babies in my country come outta the womb screaming and crying, over there they're booting up Soundforge. This is one goa trance release that has it all. Melodies, power, you name it. A great time. I haven't wanted to fornicate with an album like this since...since...


"Honey they're doing it to me again!!!"









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I have wanted to comment this album a long ago but taking the mistake back right now!


There's been some discussion lately here in psynews how all the goa sounds pretty much the same. So alert, alert! This doesn't.


I wonder why the album has gotten so little attention here. But it is not too late. For me Fragments of Evolution makes top 10 of all goa/psy albums ever seen light. Why? It is full-blown, chaotic yet disciplined, spiritual to the bone and what stands out as the best element is this full-on stylish reverb sound element that's kind of a signature sound of the whole album (and works especially well with oldschool style goa trance adding more interest and value) and I can imagine how freaking stellar it must sound played live. I suppose those Japanese goa-heads have found it out since Omnivox has played there (also there in addition to other far-away countries).


The album has such a persistence that one does not get bored with it. I have had it a year now. Favourite tracks: all but Helios is best of the best.




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Yea I´ve had this hard copy since the day one as Vox - now Omnifox, sorry Omnivox visits me regularly here at my workplace. We have nice coffee sessions once in a while. And once he brought one copy for me, and i fell in love with few tracks instantly. Yes, this is very good and very underrated album which didn´t got enough heat as it supposed to. I highly recommend this it. :)

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Omnivox is such an interesting artist, his tracks are entertaining, never boring. He manages to always catch attention with the structure of his tracks. I hope he'll release another album in the future.

Favorites: Modus Operandi, What Happens Next, Moonwalk, No More Illusions, Weapon of Mass Enlightenment.

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