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Why do some Israeli artists seem overdefensive about their country


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Not exactly related, but gosh dang it does my blood boil when I hear any patriotic/nationalistic stuff. It's completely stupid and used by higher powers like governments who then abused those abused. War and killing is such bull..... Argh, it pisses me off when folks who claim to be peaceful or believe in stuff related to peace and love yet still support wars (like in Ukraine and Russia, having relatives from both sides can be a pain because of this crap).

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Unfortunaley, people who are fighting against eachother in Donetsk and Lugansk didn't learn anything from Yugoslavian civil war.

Entering the final phase
Blood, Fire, War, Kill
Ritual, Blood spilled

Blood, Fire, Black Death
Under the sign of the black flag
Blood, Fire, War, Dust
Confrontation is a must

Blood fuels the prophets of destruction
Blood staining their profits from corruption
Fire is all consuming, never ending
Flames burn eternal, never ending
And these war pigs deliver all their madness
War criminals thrive on death and sadness
Hate Breeds hate breeds hate, whoa
Blood, Fire, War, Hate will never end
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