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Skizologic - Remind EP


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Artist: Skizologic

Title: ReMind EP

Label: Zion 604

Date: March, 2014


1. Infinity

2. Funky Virus

3. Kali Power

4. Boundless (Skizologic Remix) - Prana

5. MS Blast (2014 Edit)

6. MS Blast (Shakta Remix)







Is this what Europe still uses to deliver the f*cking mail? I realize I have taken up residence in the colonies, but a minimum of two weeks to get a CD? Why not just tie it to a pigeon and throw it in my general direction? One of the many reasons I love Zion 604. Me buy CD me get instant high quality download. And when the stagecoach does finally pull to the front of my house with the CD I don't even have to open it. Zion has ripped it for me. It's like fast food without the guilt or the self hate after I just polished off a double Whopper with large fries and drink. King me!


This is Maor Hasbani who compiled a previous Zion 604 release called The Kingdom. It sounds a lot like Braincell if he was infatuated with goa trance. Mastered by Mr. Eat Static Merv Perpler it sounds glorious and punchy with a rich bottom end that doesn't sacrifice the mids or the highs. Crystal clear. The tracks are comprised of strong bass lines you can feel in your chest. The grooves are twisted and the leads are gritty. Melodies? Yeah, but not the twirling, layered type. He doesn't seem interested in carrying you to Nirvana, he wants to throw you there with a catapult. Maybe a cannon is involved, but he brings the power along with squelching 303's on a track like Kali Power. It's chunky and organic with good use of percussive sounds. Very psychedelic. There's even a Shakta remix for lovers of the old school days.


Before I rated the tracks I kept listening to it over and over to see if I got tired of it. One drawback may be that it sounds too similar, but with only 6 tracks and the absolute great sound it held up. There were periods where I wasn't that blown away, but then he would launch into some distinctly goa riffs that thrust me back into things. I find it a good mix of goa and psytrance that maintains its psychedelic vibe. On top of it all the digipak comes with a mix he did with Shidapu. At least that's what Bandcamp says, since I haven't had to open my copy. Recommended.








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