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Your modular synth of choice?

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I saw the review for that module. It seems like a total monster. I would love if I had a friend who was into modular stuff so that I could check it out. I think a local synth store may have it but I doubt they have it out of the box to play around with.

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sounds good mane. Intelijel makes some great stuff. I love my cyclebox such a powerful OSC!

Make Noise is releasing a DSP reverb module that looks very appetizing. Its next on my to get list.

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I cannot stress how brilliant the ES-4 with the Silent Way suite of plug ins is... Modular never had it so good in terms of what is available today, inside 8hp.

Here's some fun and games with sine waves...and a saw.



yea that thing is awesome and i'm digging the sounds. I was considering getting it a while ago but opted out for other modules that would give me something other than more modulation options.
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Love the Atlantis. What I love most about it (besides the sound) is how practical it is to just churn out sounds to use in tracks by just patching in CV/Gate and then programming the thing with what is already there. And there are *a lot* of sounds available, before you even start patching other modules with it....where the real fun starts!


Yup Desysko, its almost healed now, cheers :)

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