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Positive things about alcohol


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I basically don't care if it damages my body or not. I like to drink a whisky in the evening, just because I like it. After writing this post, I will enjoy two episodes of Breaking Bad, accompanied by a glass of whisky. Could be a cold beer as well, or a glass of wine. It may or may not have a positive effect on my health, but it sure has a positive effect on my well-being. I believe in enjoying life, not making it as long-lasting as possible. Having said that, consuming alcohol today could arguably make my life less enjoyable in the future. While I don't believe in that kind of trade off, if it were one, I would gladly do so.

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+The vitamines in beer, such as B2 and B12 have shown good effects on heatlh. I´m not sure now, but i think those are good for the brain. As in growing or repairing brain cells. Don´t know exactly, but definately them are good. Maybe someone knows exactly?

vitamin b2 (riboflavin) is found in a wide variety of foods (vegetables, milk products, nuts, ...) and pretty much essential to converting glucose into energy.

cobalamin (vitamin b12) on the other hand is not as easy to come by. it's found in whole grain and seawed, but our body has difficulties with absorbing it in the form which is present in plants. so the prime source of cobalamin is meat. mainly red meat such as game or beef, but also turkey and others (mammals consisting on a plant diet actually have specialised bacteria cultures growing in their stomachs or intestines that provide them with vitamin b12. otherwise they wouldn't be able to survive). cobalamin is the vitamin you're thinking of, it's often beneficial for any kinds of nerve cells. it can help with tinnitus, nerve regrowth or paraesthesia. lack of cobalamin can conversely lead to paraesthesia or brain damage.

the thing about cobalamin is that alcohol prevents its uptake and vitamin b12 deficiency is one of the major causes of dementia among alcoholics. so sorry, even though beer (like many other fermented foods) does contain vitamin b12 it's not of any use to you. better eat a steak.



Yes, it helps a lot! I could also take Benzodiazepines, but those make my head so dizzy :P

no way. that you're totally clearheaded while still being relaxed and comfortable is one of the great things about benzodiazepines, you're probably dosing too high ;)

at least ime, alcohol makes me dizzy way before it's relaxing...

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