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Fractal Vivisection - Through the Vortex


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Artist: Fractal Vivisection

Title: Through The Vortex

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: November, 2013



1. Interplanetary Voyage

2. Traveling Apart

3. Interstellar Gliding

4. My Name Is Trance

5. Molecular Instability

6. Distant Echoes

7. Tachyon

8. Subconscious Flashback

9. Traveling Apart Pt. 2




One, that cover is hideous. Two, I have been listening to this for a while and it made me think of cats.







"Jack! Jack! Get the f*ck in here! Check it out...That fat f*cking dog just put a slice of pizza on my head. I know, I know...*makes explosion motion with paws* mindblowing. Quick get a shot of it so I can put it on my Facebook!"



What the f*ck is wrong with people?


Excuse me, what the f*ck is wrong with cat people?


There is a cat with a slice on its head.


In space.


Why does this even exist? To what purpose? If you've visited the internet since ever people have this (in my view) unhealthy and psycho infatuation with cats. A quick google search will take you to countless images of cats where there should be no cats. I think it's a game of one upmanship to post pictures of cats in the most random and non-sensical situations.


This is one of the latest releases from Timewarp and it's a bit of a surprise. It's a mixture of deep space trance and goa elements. There is a very futuristic and cosmic feel to it (just peruse the track names) with lots of layers. When I first heard it I couldn't stand it. Turned it off and went on to review sh*tty ful-on compilations that nobody asked for.


But somehow I came back to it. It's not the best thing I've heard and certainly not on going to challenge E-Mantra. But it's not meant to be. I like it when artists combine genres (mostly) and while some of it sounds simple and cheesy a lot of it is very engaging. Every time this Russian gets to the goa parts I start liking it and get sucked back into the dreamy atmosphere.


It's not for everyone and like I said it had to grow on me. But I would easily say it is worth a listen. We can't all be as enlightened as this guy.






"No way man, no way! I think you just won the internet!"







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Listening from the youtube right now. Strange impression, seems that the chord changes are borrowed from Russian pop and even some Soviet movie music. I guess even if I didn't know where that guy is from I'd spot these very familiar harmonies. So, that's goa made by Russians for Russians :)


Overall I like it much more than average new school goa, even despite some synths sound cheap and the mixing is not quite right at times, the whole thing is very dreamy, atmospheric and emotional.

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