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Hi everyone, I hope you're doing ok:)

I have been visiting this forum for a while now, but never registered until a few months ago.


I've found some great music through here and the user's comments, but I'd like to ask for some suggestions now;

Can anyone rec me some albums like Psykovsky's Debut & Fragletrollet's Playground of Spirit, please?


I've been digging them for a long time and I'd love to listen more albums like those two.


I love the atmospheres they create, the transitions between tracks and how they constantly evolve to really say something.




I'm also looking forward to listening something like Battle of the Future Buddha's track 'Morron' on the album Masters of Outhouse.


Thanks in advance :D

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Hello, thanks a lot for the replies, I'm currently listening to Enichkin's In Memory Of Love and it's gorgeous, will try to find more about this artist.


I'm also digging Select Project & will search for that Tamlin album:)


I'll listen to these albums & artists through the week. Thankyou very much :D

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