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Wizack Twizack - Behind the Trees

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Artist: Wizack Twizack

Title: Behind the Trees

Label: Stoneage Records

Date: October, 2005


1. Soldier of the Dark

2. Satanic Piggy

3. Kiffen Bitte

4. Jenna Terror

5. Jack Acid

6. 2 Legged Hilazon

7. Kill Me Now

8. San Pedro

9. Smoke With Us


"You're gonna kill me aren't you?"


Almost 8 years to the day that this was released. The debut album from Swedish nutjob Tommy Axelsson is one of my favorite bits of psytrance. Everything screams psychedelia with a super dark atmosphere. He was one of those artists who wasn't afraid to inject a little melody into his nightmares thereby making it more accessible. Oh he still included the screams of women from horror movies (Kill Me Now) so please don't think this is a walk down the yellow brick road. The bass lines hammer away at your sanity while alien effects graze the temples. Bubbles threaten to boil over aggro guitar crunch and Prodigy breakbeats on tracks like Kiffen Bitte.


I find one of his strengths are the complexities he weaves into his dark creations. Instead of being overwhelming (like a lot of darkpsy can be) his layers invite you to explore further. His synth phrases melt into each other for smooth transitions making the hallucination seem all the more real. And that's what this is...one long hallucination. At the same time he is able to stack layers upon one another to create a wall of sound. Another reason to like his work is the samples he uses and manipulates. Never cheesy and usually enhance the mood.


All in all a nice piece of dark work without being to heavy. So something for those who love the night and people like me who like to visit.







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Hehe. funny it took 8 years to read a review of this album :D

Made it 2003-04 got delayed and released end of 2005. I had basicly no idea of what i was doing back then, Just having fun with Fruity Loops. Just a PC and a Hifi in my 1 room apartment. It's a miracle someone wanted to release this imo. But people still reminds me of some of the tracks on it untill this date so something fun must have came out of it :D


Shameless selfpromotion warning: 5th album ready to get unleashed now. Keep an eye on Ovnimoon Records in the near future.





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