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Your top 3 favorite Atma's track


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Well since Boris Bleen, Etnica, Chi-ad and some other have had their topic, I think Atma deserve it's one too ;).


So c'mon, what are you top 3 favorite Atma's track ?


Mine are :


1) The Exorcism of spirit (from Map of goa vol 2)

2) The Rise of Overman (from The secret of meditation)

3) Forbidden Paradise (from Music revolution)

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Who's Atma?

In my opinion easily one of the best Psy-trance artist (I say psy-trance, not goa trance). Well to make a short description, he's coming from roumania. He used to make some electro stuff and then he started making psy-trance release. He made 3 albums ; Beyond good and evil, the secret of meditation and last one Music revolution. He use to include a lot of melodies in his track. Best way to know him better is to listen to him. I can only suggest you to listen to "the secret of meditation" (the track and then the whole album, which is very good).



Can't really give you 3 as I only know his first album. Will give some more listens.

Yeah, actualy most of his best track were released on his second album, "The secret of meditation". In his last album there's few nice track too. I still need to take a more serious hearing at his first album.

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