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"V/A - Voyager: First Plateau"


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Artist: Various
Title: Voyager: First Plateau
Label: Hado Records
Date: December, 2012


1. Order to chaos

2. Psychotria Viridis

3. Beyond the clouds

4. Cosmic Voyage

5. Hyphneone

6. Dansul Ielelor (Artifact303 rmx)

7. Distorted Visions

8. Amnesia Reaction

9. Path to Sychelia

10. Daydreamer

Who are you Hado Records? Who are you really? I think we need to get a close up look at what's going on here.


Whoa Whoa! Too f*cking close! Yikes, I think a dentist is in order.

Hado Records is a label that is quickly making a name for itself. Their first re-release was the highly underrated classic Lost in Time by Zirrex which is one of the all time classics in goa trance. But they didn't just re release it...oh no they gave it the 3 CD treatment with new mastering and some new tracks. Awesome stuff. So here is their second release: a compilation of some of the best new school goa artists the genre has to offer as well as some names you might not be familiar with. This is modern goa trance with an infinite number of melodic spirals. Bomb after bomb of pumping stuff beginning with the first we've heard from Alienapia since their blistering Goapoca...however the f*ck you spell it way back in 2010. You can always pick out the floating E-mantra style which continues to be awesome, but we also get the first release from Skarma who shows a lot of promise. Artifact303 is back with a real treat as he tackles Danseul Ielelor and makes it as massive as the original.

Then the compilation takes a turn beginning with Distorted Visions towards a less aggressive posture. Filteria's track while beautiful is more sunshine and soft edges and less stacks of melody threatening to crush the life out of you (I like that by the way). Me thinks he's stretching his creative muscles and besides that when was the last time you heard a Filteria track that was just 6 and a half minutes? I'll tell you, never. Asirion delivers a progressive style goa effort that is beautiful and flowing as the Hungarian heavyweight closes things out as if to remind you that he's still a boss in this here goa thing. And he is. Beautiful melodies and bursting with layers and depth. You da man Zsolt.


This one kinda got lost in the shuffle. You know Christmas time, life gets a little crazy. Another great goa trance release that gets more friendly for those who may find that goa can get too heavy and in your face. All the tracks were very good and I recommend this highly.









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Guest D N H



The compilation starts with a new track by Alienapia, a group that since its beginning has achieved a very good sound and very loyal to the old spirit. "Order to Chaos" is a very intense track full of power. From the beginning, influences from the oldschool uplifting goa are drawn with its last part rewarding the adventurous minds. Very good track but i think it could be better.
"Psychotria Viridis" lies in the nitzhoriental spectrum of neogoa, not my cup of tea for sure. After its middle becomes quite lighthearted and unpleasant for me.
"Beyond the Clouds" is a stormer and for sure a great track. Spiritual, massive and intense.
"Cosmic Voyage" is a nice and decent track.
"Hyphneone" has a well worked and tight sound but it's melodiousness ranks it as euphoric trance to my ears. And the same goes for the "Dansul Ielelor Remix". Its sounding doesn't make it for causing a psychic astonishment but nonetheless it has a well worked complexity.
"Distorted Visions" is a very good track and well-paced. Very interesting synthesis.
"Amnesia Reaction" hmmm... I feel that Filteria is more and more, since time now, drawn away from goa trance to more full-on and trance pathways.
"Path to Synchelia" is another very melodic and mellow track. It doesn't sound "wrong" though. It's quite listenable and i think that's because of the catchy bassline which saves the day and gives the track some goa mentality.
"Daydeamer" lastly, is from the more mellow stuff of Artifact303 and also an older track which is now released. It wouldn't be something special if at certain moments and passages wasn't so trippy. Other than this, euphoric trance complexity describes the track.

It should be noticed that the cover art is very nice and old-schoolish with amazing mixture of colours.

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I agree! It's a great first compilation from Hado and I do hope they will continue the effort, it's always refreshing to see a new compilation from a goa label.


Standout-tracks for me are:


Order to Chaos by Alienapia: SUCH a good track! I love the energy and the melodies but the standout soundscape for me in this track is after the first breakdown... It sounds really alienesque and deep, like a gigantic alien corridor of psychedelic structures echoing and folding back on itself. Superb sample too. God I want a second album from them!


Beyond The Clouds by Celestial Intelligence: Great spiraling energetic Goa, curious to hear more from them. Great climax!


Cosmic Voyage by Eleusyn: Noticeably half E-Mantra! Hypnotizing, deep and lovely floating acid-lines.


Path To Sychelia by Asirion: Beautiful track! This actually surprised me quite a lot because his track on the first Global Sect compilation didn't really catch my interest. This however, is perfect floaty morning stuff. Very enjoyable to listen to. I hope he continues in this vein.



The Skarma track is not as good as the one on blacklight moments. It sounds a bit too much like uplifting euphoric trance for me, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing of course. Other interesting efforts are the Artifact303 remix of Dansul Ielelor (which isn't as good as E-Mantra's remix of Beyond Lightspeed, although that could be due to the original quality of the tracks) and Filteria's Amnesia reaction (which does sound a lot like earthrise at a certain point, like penzo already pointed out.).


Apart from the quality of the tracks one can't help but notice the astonishing artwork on the compilation (one also reminisces the awesome Lost In Time artwork). This is what gives compilations this little extra!! Great great piece of art. I am really happy to own it!


Give us more Hado!

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Guest D N H

Apart from a few tracks the rest of the compilation is a cheesefest, sorry :P


You can be more analytic. Or just state your favorites at least :) - no offense just tastes.

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