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Artist: Koan

Title: Argonautica

Label: Section Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Orpheus and Eurydice
2. Lost Lyre
3. Peleus and Thetis
4. Irida falls to Morpheus' pits
5. Crying Prozerpine (Blue mix)
6. Pegasus
7. In the garden of the Hesperides (Golden apples mix)
8. Seven mirrors of Atlas
9. Ladon (Serpent mix)


Holy crap this sh*ts rainbows.  I was gonna say it was hopeful in feeling but we're way past that.  Like Yanni meets OMD type stuff.  It is tremendously grand and beautiful no question, but my refrigerator is more psychedelic.  Were you trying to impress a girl?  Cause I would totally put this on if I was trying to get some.  Once I got the green light then the Ginuwine comes out.




"If your horny, Let's do it, Ride it, My Pony"


You can't hump to this, but you can certainly lay the groundwork.  Floating pads, heavenly strings and melodies so sweet you'll get diabetes.  It's sparkling electronica that manufactures smiles and is superbly well done.  There are layers upon layers of delicious ear candy.  I just didn't see it coming from this Russian duo.  I think it's less downtempo and more new age, although I don't think the new age guys could make something this good. 


Beautiful music that you should listen to if you're looking to be in a good mood.







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Quite good. I purchased this blindly on the strength of the best single tracks I've heard from them before. As an album it's even in quality, but doesn't really manage to reach the sentimental quality of 'When the Silence is Speaking'. Nevertheless a unique project with distinct sound you shouldn't miss.

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When I made my top 2012 albums list(s), I hadn't heard Argonautica yet by Koan. I'd go back and add it to my post, but the thread is since locked. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/65298-psynews-best-of-2012-poll/

This album ended up making the Top downtempo from 2012 anyway!

Argonautica is beautiful, warm, positive and peaceful. Every track is wonderful. The melody/sound work is heavenly, vibrant and euphoric. Thank you for this meaningful release filled with heart and spirit. The album is VERY catchy, truly a work of art and a reflection of higher consciousness.


I love it.

Uploading full artist albums (to youtube) is one of the best ways to promote it. I hadn't listened to Koan before. Now he's on my radar and recommend list. I realize not everyone buys or pays to download the album after hearing it, some do. More importantly is that more people become aware of the work. I think we can all agree to that. :)

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