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Space Tribe & Mad Maxx - Mind Is God EP


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Artist: Space Tribe & Mad Maxx

Title: Mind Is God EP

Label: Space Tribe Music

Date: October, 2012


1. Mind Is God

2. Mysteries of the World


"Perception is the key to transformation. The mind is GOD!"


Olli Wisdom has been around since the before some of you were born so like Boris Blenn he has earned respect and street cred. Personally I didn't care for his early work and have only started appreciating his music since Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H. He makes great acidic twilight music like Boris does. Or, did. Those two seemed joined at the hip because their collaboration with the ESP project has been quite solid. Olli's latest album of new stuff Peak Experience was enjoyable and seems to have maintained his ability to lay down some stormers. This two track EP is another gem if you are into that type of music. It's hard hitting with loads of acid for the connoisseur. He maintains the feeling of spiritual other worldliness with the samples that enhance the track but don't dominate it. Seems like his collaboration with fellow monkey poo flinger Mad Maxx has paid off.


Boris better pick up his game or Olli might replace him.






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