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Son Kite returns?

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Hey everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has any info on what Son Kite is up to these days? I know they have been doing their minilogue project for the past several years, but there had been talk of a new album in the works that was supposed to be released on the now defunct BNE records. The reason I ask, is because Son Kite is on the line up at this years Lost Theory Festival.




Does anyone know if they have been performing past son kite material, or maybe they are debuting new stuff? Or maybe this is just a mistake by the promoters?


Anyways, it got me excited, and I thought I would ask around!

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Belgium organization :) (scope & etc...)



offtopic but LTF has nothing to do with the Scope project, Scope is just a labelartist of Lost Theory Records.

Son Kite will play a trance set with new and old material and they will play their Minilogue stuff on the 2nd stage. x

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