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  1. -Main Stage- Abyss Ooze (Dark Prisma, ARG) Alien Trancesistor & Cacofonix (Vantara Vichitra, IND) Anoebis (Suntrip, BE) Atmos (Iboga, SE) Audiopathik (Kamino, MX) Atriohm (Parvati, MK) Braincell (Zero 1, CH) Celli (Zero 1, ES) Charris (Lost Theory, BE) Chromatone (Zero 1, UK) Confo (Parvati, GR) Cosmosis (Transient, UK) Daniel (Sanaton, SE) Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records, DE) Daksha (Vantara Vichitra, MA) Derango (Sanaton, SE) Dsompa (Peak, DE) Earthling (Zero 1, UK) Electrypnose (Electrypnosis, CH) Elowinz (Parvati/Vantara Vichitra, BR) Everblast (Zero 1, USA/ES) Fako (Vantara Vichitra, BR) Farebi Jalebi (Parvati, AU) Flooting Grooves (Peak, SA) Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma, ARG) Full face (Vantara Vichitra, GR) Giuseppe (Parvati, DK) Gompa Nubra (Vantara Vichitra, DK) Hallucinogenic Horses (Lost Theory, SE) Hutti Heita (Yggdrasil, NO) Ianuaria (Lost Theory, AT) Jahbo (Parvati, DK) oldskool DJ set Jairam (Lost Theory, DE) Jangaramongara (Vantara Vichitra, JP) Justin Chaos (Zero 1, ARG) Kabayun (Sangoma Records, USA) Kashyyyk (Kamino, MX) Kerlivin (Parvati/Vantara Vichitra, TW) Koxbox (Zero 1, DE) Logic Bomb (TIP, Sprial Trax, SE) Madianbrains (Vantara Vichitra, AU) Megalopsy (Dark Prisma, ARG) Nargun (Parvati, BR) OOOD (Phantasm, UK) Ocelot (Ocelot music, USA) Oddicon (Vantara Vichitra, MY) Pandora’s Box (Dark Prisma, ARG) Pogo (Nano, UK) Procs (Lost Theory, SE) Psychopod (TIP, DK) Psykovsky 10h (Osom, RU) Rastaliens DJ (Phar Psyde, CH) Ray Castle (Psy-Harmonics/ Suntrip, AU) Salakavala (Hippie Killer, FI) Sasha (Lost Theory/Quintessence, DE) Slinky Wizard (Flying Rhino, AU) Solar Quest (Entropica, UK) Son Kite (Marcus Henriksson, SE) Tengri (Parvati, MK) Tersius (Vantara Vichitra, ZA) Texas Faggott (Lost Theory, FI) Triquetra (Suntrip, BE) The Infinity Project by Graham Wood (TIP, UK) Traskel (Sanaton, SE) Transwave (Matsuri, FR) Union Jack (Platipus, UK) Whrikk (Lost Theory, NL) X-Dream (Flying Rhino/Blue Room, DE) Yudhisthira (Forestdelic, MK) -Fusion Lab- Adamson ( Digital Diamonds, DE) Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats, PAN) Alic (Digital Diamonds, DE) Ash Roy (Soupherb, IND) Bratenschneider (Digital Diamonds, DE) Chuckles (Lost Theory, BE) Code Therapy (Digital Diamonds, PT) Crennwiick (Digital Diamonds, PT) Daäna (Digital Diamonds, CA) The Delta (Boshke Beats, DE) Disfunction (Zenon Records, BR) Electrypnose (Zenon Records, SW) Epi Centrum (Synewave /Boshke Beats, PL) Fabio Leal (Zenon Records, BR) Felix Claus (Splén, BE) Flembaz (Blind Arc/Digital Diamonds, PT) Florian MSK (Zenon, CA) Fluoelf (Uroboros, ES) Forest Bamp (Vantara Vichitra, ES) Fredrik Asteval (Digital Diamonds, DE) Freee ( BE) Golanski (Sofa Beats, IL) Hefty (Erebos/ Darker Sounds, UK) Jaakko (Zenon, PT) Jurek Przezdziecki (Cocoon/Boshke Beats, PL) Kabi (Zenon, ZA) Kasadelica (Uroboros, IL) Kim Svendsen (Hutti Heita, SE) Krumelur (Zenon, SE) Luis M (Digital Diamonds, PT) MNGRM (Digital Diamonds, PT) Moarice (Klunkerkranich, De) Minilogue (Marcus Henriksson, SE) Mydä (Digital Diamonds, CA) Na-Ti (Zenon, IL) Narayana (Lost Theory, BE) Norion (Dacru, BE) Onionbrain (Uroboros, BR) Pallida (Boshke Beats, SE) Pandemonio (Fusion Gatherings, PT) Phasenverschiebungen (Zenon, NL) Schpunk (Glitchy Tonic, NL) Sensient (Zenon, AU) Smilk (Independent, AU) Stavroz dj set (Moodfamily, BE) Subway Shamans (Chimera Pact, BE) Sumiruna (Zenon, AU) Takaaki Itoh (Wols, JP) Tijah (Uroboros/Zenon, BR) Triforce (Zenon, AU) Trilingo (Digital Diamonds, DE) Vaeya (Zenon/Glitchy Tonic, IND) -Ambient Garden- Adam Andaluz (AfrikaBurn / Hauptbahnhof, DE) Anoebis (Suntrip, BE) Bayawaka (Sofa Beats, IL) Charity (KERM, BE) Chillinberlin (Mindwaves Music, DE) Daniel (Oval Harmonique, SE) Daniel Sol (independent, ES) Derango (Sanaton, SE) Electrypnose (Electrypnosis, CH) Felix Claus (Splén, BE) Floating Machine (Digital Diamonds, Portugal) Flooting Grooves (Peak, CH) Gus Till (Zen Lemonade, AU) Hefty (Darker Sounds, UK) Joao Bandara (Blind Arc, PT) OOOD (Vertigo, UK) Ocelot (Ocelot Music, US) One Dub Connection (Diversifiedmusic, DE) Phasebong (Maia Brasil, NL) Prisma (Dark Prisma, ARG) Psykia (Vantara Vichitra Rec./Banyan Rec, UK) Solar Quest (Entropica, UK) Tengri (Parvati, MK) Thorazin (Triple Drop Productions, MX) WHRK (Sanaton, NL) www.losttheoryfestival.com
  2. Mainstage: Abys Ooze (ARG) - Anoebis (BE) - Astral Projection (IL) - Atmos (SE) - Atriohm (MK) - Back To Mars (NL) - Chakra (IL) - Chuckles (BE) - Derango ft Purosurpo & Ghostscent (SE) - Digicult (BE) - Elowinz (BR) - Fabio Leal (BR) - Hux Flux (SE) - Jahbo (DK) - Kasadelica (IL) - Kashyyyk (MX) - KoxBox (DK) - Krumelur (SE) - Logic Bomb (SE) - Logic Flux (SE) - LOUD (IL) - Megalopsy (ARG) - Millivolt (CH) - Norion (BE) - Orestis (GR) - Sasha (DE) - Ticon (SE) - Transwave (FR) - Union Jack (UK) - Whrikk (NL) Space Deck: Anoebis (BE) - Bayawaka (BE) - Bliepertronic (NL) - Charris (BE) - Fabio Léal (BR) - Hans (NL) - Harmonique Frequency (NL) - Kepukku (BE) - Krumelur (SE) - Leftchest (BE) - Lugus (BE) - NGE Duo (SE) - Norion (BE) - Prisma (ARG) - Psygasus (BE) - Rubberdubbie (NL) - Trala Lama (NL) - WHRK (NL) - Yani (BE) - pHaSeBonG (NL) Dub Forest: By Digitron Soundsystem (HR) www.space-safari.com
  3. Main Stage Abyss Ooze - Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys - Already Maged - Anoebis - Ankur - Cosmo - Cosmic Dimension - Crossing Mind - Derango - Etnica - Farebi Jalebi - Fractal Gauchos - Frantic Noise - Flooting Grooves - Gaspard - Gojja - Hashbury - Highko - Hutti Heitta - Hypogeo - Imba - Justin Chaos - Kashyyyk - Kindzadza - Kraft - Logic Bomb - Loud - Lugus - Master Margherita - Megalopsy - Merkaba - Naty Seres - Pandora's Box - Petran - Prana - Procs - Quantum Mechanica - Ryanosaurus - Sensient - Shakta - Sonic Species - Stevo - Sunshine - Terrafractyl - Tetrameth - Texas Faggott - The Infinity Project - Val Vashar - Vibrasphere by Robert - Whrikk - X-Dream by Marcus - Yab Yum Secret Chamber Avi Lovey - Bayawaka - Billain - Broken Note - Bufo Retro set - D-Wauw - Darkol Trinity - Electrocado - Evil Oil Man - Fabio Leal - Fako - Florian MSK - Grub - Guy Zappa - Hypnagog - Jekyll - Kalya Scintilla - Kasadelica - Kromagon - Kryptamine - Lehman - Mad Zach - Mantismash - Mara - Master Margherita - Master Minded - Messy Mass - Muggi Dane - Mumukshu - Na-Ti - Nangijala - Okapi - Onionbrain - Otkun - Prisma - R.O - Random Gang Sign - Sensient Techno SET - Tijah - Tribone - Whitebear - Kabi vs Tersius Ambient Garden Akasha - Anoebis - Bayawaka - Bwoy De Bhajan - Avi Lovey - Flooting grooves - Guy zappa - Johnny blue - Khalil - Master margarita - Marco Mental - Meribel - Merkbar - Mumukshu - Pila - Pipal - Prisma - Quanta - Raviv - Skogsdrom - Stellar Ink Pony - Tengri - Val vashar - Whitebear - Witch Princess Dub Forest Powered by Digitron Sound System, first Croatian dub sound system. Raised and based in Zagreb, by members of ex Radikal Dub kolektiv and Bamwise (both live dub bands), made to promote sound system culture in country where there was no such heritage. Many years of active work and many festivals, squat nights, club nights nationally and internationally have brought Digitron to be recognized and wanted act. Evolver Laboratory Our mission? To bring wisdom & light into the brotherhood of psy. To achieve this, we created a laboratory where mad scientists will cook magic mental crystals you can try at the festival: documentaries, movies, lectures, discussions and eye-candy visuals. Villa Flora When a bunch of strangers first met during the building of the Earth Ship Prague — they had no idea they’d end up living together as part of the inspiring Vila Flora Community project. Many of us dream of freedom from outside the matrix — these guys demonstrate how ideas, dreams and visions can become a reality as they join us at Lost Theory with a series of diverse workshops in education, creativity, health and best of all community living. Temple of Consciousness Come to the Temple and float away into the light and energy of our divine universe with your tiny yoga fueled space ship. Take a magical mystery tour down the spiritual highways of eternal light. On this cosmic journey of yoga & meditation, you are joined by fellow mental travellers in the “Temple Of Consciousness”. Get in. Get Lost. If you have never done yoga or even if you’re a full blown yoga-guru, this temple is open to everyone: from beginner to expert. And at the end we’re all open for talks, exchanging best practices and our cosmic experiences in the realm of yoga and meditation. Growing Village Hidden but not lost, surrounded by shady trees and next to the river, the Growing Village flows. Children play together and enjoy the fruits of the creative activities they and their fellows do with the Lost Theory nannies & entertainers. Growing village is placed in the middle of the festival and yet far enough away from the loud madness. Your children will play, learn, explore and join various workshops about art, science, maths, nature or join in with the morning yoga sessions. www.losttheoryfestival.com
  4. http://losttheoryfestival.com/index.php/home/main-stage
  5. Tripoteca — the world’s only international psychedelic film festival is coming to town and will contribute to Lost Theory’s program at the Culture Dome. Here we explore several striking themes that this powerful initiative will bring to the festival as we speak to its founder, Adrian Manolescu. http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/index.php/arthouse-psychedelia-tripoteca-comes-to-town/
  6. interview with Zenon Records: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/index.php/zenon-records/
  7. Transwave will play oldskool music
  8. LOST THEORY 22-28 JULY 2014 DERINGAJ – CROATIA 7 DAYS – 4 STAGES – ART INSTALATIONS – PERFORMANCES – LECTURES – WORKSHOPS – HEALING GARDEN – CINEMA – FUNKTION ONE SOUND – CHILDREN AREA – BEAUTIFUL NATURE Presenting the finest installation art, visuals and decor — a global team of artists will cultivate the geometric vision of sound — elevating the sonic experience brought by a fusion of hi-tech genres and alternative electronic music: Main Stage: Ajja – Ankur – Anoebis – Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys – Braincell – Brujo's Bowl – Chromatone – Dsompa – D-Wauw – Dymons – Earthling – Electrypnose – E-Mantra – Farebi Jalebi – Flooting Grooves – Frodohm – Grapes of Wrath – Hashbury – Hellquist – Highko – Hutti Heita – Huxflux – Hypogeo – Ianuaria – Justin Chaos – Kashyyyk – Kindzadza – Kliment – Koxbox – Krumelur – Laughing Buddha – Loopus in Fabula – Loke – Master Margherita – Megalopsy – Mirror Me – Na-Ti – Naty Seres – Nervasystem – Ocelot – Onkel Dunkel – Orestis – Osom – Peaking Godess Collective – Petran – Pick – Procs – Pspiralife – Psykovsky – Rami & Phil – Rastaliens – Talpa – Transwave – Val Vashar – Vertical – Yudhisthira – Zoolog – 604fx Secret Chamber AMB – Ankur – Balkansky – Bayawaka – Bufo – D-Wauw – Disfunction – Electrocado – Elowinz – Hanoman – Hellquist – Kelt – Kojo – Kosta – Kromagon – Krumelur – Kursa – Loopus In Fabula – Luncell – Mad Zach – Mantismash – Master Minded – Meribel – Messy Mass – Mr Rogers – Muggi Dane – Na-Ti – Nargun – Okapi – Onionbrain – Oracle Nuts – Pannick – Psi Fi – Radioactive Cake – Ryanosaurus – Silent B – Spoonbill – Tersius – Tijah – Zeitgeist Ambient Garden Ancient Delay – Anoebis – Dymons – Electrypnose – Flooting Grooves – Foose – Illuminus – Kelt – Kudjo – Lugus – Master Margherita – Monorf – NMSK – Ocelot – Pat Pending – Pila – Pipal – Prisma – Psygasus – Pura – Skogsdrom – Stellar Ink Pony – Tengri – Val Vashar – Yani – Yudhisthira Dub Forest We're busy brewing up a special place on the campsite right now where you can eat, dance, drink and relax to the vibrations of dub roots music. It's coming your way soon time, so hold on to that feeling while we make the preparations and get back to you with all the information about the Dub Forest program... Culture Dome The Culture Dome represents the culmination of the vast and varied forms of cultural activities that take place in the festival. This unique space brings all of those activities together with the intention of cultivating dialogue, discussion, debate and for enhancing knowledge. Permaculture Design Course We are proud to invite you for an international Permaculture Design Course (PDC) during the buildup of our festival. An all round experienced team of teachers will introduce a way of sustainable living and teach you to observe nature by these principles. At the end of the course you will be able to make a full permaculture design on your own and you will receive an international acknowledged certificate. This PDC includes two weeks of courses, your ticket for the festival, it will take you on a fieldtrip to the ecological farm, Vukomeric and there will be plenty of healthy things to share. www.losttheory.org
  9. Unforgettable moments on Lost Theory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPA_LLTQSEQ
  10. Procs is an experimental psychedelic artist from Sweden associated with Lost Theory Records & Sanaton. We are glad to host him on this years edition & we wanted to share some inside information about the man himself. http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/2013/07/26/procs-experimental-gy-psy-trance/
  11. some updates: ART Decorations of the 3th edition: Check out our updated art-page on the web-site for new pictures and links from the deco-teams who are participating for this edition: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/2013/07/09/3255/ Art is Love ~ interview with Quantum Tribe Don't loose your chance to get more inside information from the art collective that will work on the main stage of Lost Theory. They are young, talented and Russian: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/2013/07/16/art-is-love-interview-with-quantum-tribe/ ACTIVITIES Exploration We think about your pleasure during the festival. If you are ready to explore more places in Croatia we welcome you to join our excursions. You can find all info on our exploration page: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/discover/exploration/ Children activities For the flowers of our life (children) on the festival we have a spot with interesting activities that you (parents) would love to join as well. Read about it on our Children Area page: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/discover/children-area/ *** MUSIC Soniс Chakras — Russian Forest Explorers We are happy to share the unforgettable forest sound from the Russian label Sonic Chakras. Find more info and prepare for full-power dancing: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/2013/07/10/sonic-chakras/
  12. Lepton - Lost and Found Boldly audio coming out of the forests of Örebro passing through the swamps of Aarhus and travelling in every dimension to the dessert of California... recorded in 2008 - playtime : 02:01:54 01.syntax error bibspill 02.sienis - tales from the trip 03.derango - no thing 04.insane behaviour - datura inoxia 05.derango - secret surroundings 06.grapes of wrath - lir 07.bodhisattva - power vortex 08.derango - lost theory 09.grapes of wrath - 24 hrs full power no shower 10.syntax error - the grapes of wrath 11.grapes of wrath vs crazy ducks - ducks of wrath 12.kuro fusion - the druids dipsauce 13.digital talk - sans issue 14.insane behaviour - wrong doze 15.derango - the arm 16.hux flux - bring your own bios 17.grapes of wrath - more me 18.derango - welkin 19.pandora's box - natural affinity 20.attoya - green crop matured 21.cilium - +s 22.mubodhi - casual coesions 23.mubali - dribbla's delight 24.cpc - doom doom 25.cilium - gone fission 26.bodhisattva - energy theory https://soundcloud.com/lepton-lost-theory-rec/lepton-lost-found
  13. - 90€ tickets available until the 19th at 23:59, be quick & ensure your place for LOST THEORY 2013. - Bird Of Prey (USA) will be joining us in the experimental stage - Dub forest by Balkan Digitron Soundsystem - Decorations by Flowers Of Life, Quantum Tribe & Neil Gibson - Catching up with Merv Pepler of Eat Static ahead of his appearance at Lost Theory Festival www.losttheoryfestival.com/eatstatic/
  14. Last day to get your ticket at 80€ http://www.losttheory.org Lost Theory crew wishes everyone a great spring.
  15. Suntrip Records & Lost Theory present you something unique! 16 hours of only acidic & melodic goa-trance "the old style" to finish the festival! You will hear classic acts such as Green Nuns of the Revolution, Darshan, Laughing Buddha, Psychaos and Suntrip acts and dj's such as Dimension 5, Anoebis, Ine, Stevo & Yani! Are you ready for it?
  16. Like every year Anoebis (Suntrip Rec) made a mixtape for Lost Theory Festival, let's have a contest: Who guesses the exact tracklist first wins a physical copy of Procs - Touchdown In Hizzytown & Dimension 5 - TransAddendum Hint: Only artists that are playing on Lost Theory 2013. From Goatrance to Forest-trance. https://soundcloud.c...theory-promomix www.suntriprecords.com | https://soundcloud.com/anoebis
  17. Like every year Anoebis (Suntrip Rec) made a mixtape for Lost Theory Festival, let's have a contest: Who guesses the exact tracklist first wins a physical copy of Procs - Touchdown In Hizzytown & Dimension 5 - TransAddendum Hint: Only artists that are playing on Lost Theory 2013. From Goatrance to Forest-trance. https://soundcloud.com/losttheoryfestival | www.losttheory.org https://soundcloud.com/anoebis | www.suntriprecords.com
  18. offtopic but LTF has nothing to do with the Scope project, Scope is just a labelartist of Lost Theory Records. Son Kite will play a trance set with new and old material and they will play their Minilogue stuff on the 2nd stage. x
  19. 15-19/08/2013 ::LOST THEORY FESTIVAL:: 4 STAGES • 6 DAYS • ART INSTALATIONS • PERFORMANCE • LECTURES • WORKSHOPS • HEALING GARDEN • CINEMA • FUNKTION ONE SOUND • EXPLORATION • MARKETS • CHILDREN AREA • FULL NATURE The Lost Theory festival crew is currently cooking the edition of 2013. The new chapter of this extraordinary adventure will again take place on the grassy banks of a gently flowing river. ❋PSYCHEDELIC❋ ANKUR (Lost Theory | Germany) ANNOYINGNINJAS (Parvati | Denmark) ANOEBIS (Suntrip | Belgium) ATRIOHM (Parvati | Macedonia) D-WAUW (Lost Theory | Israel) DARK EL KANTE (6-Dimension Sound, Random Rec | Spain) DARSHAN (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set DERANGO ft PUROSURPO (Sanaton | Sweden) DICKSTER (Nano | UK) DIMENSION 5 (Suntrip | UK) Oldskool set EAT STATIC (Solstice Music | UK) ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Parvati | Macedonia) EPHEDRIX (Dacru | Belgium) FAREBI JALEBI (Lost Theory | India) GOCH (Mighty Quin | Macedonia) GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set GROUCH (Zenon | New Zealand) HUX FLUX (Spiral Trax | Sweden) IANUARIA (Blue Hours | Austria) IGOR SWAMP (Antiscarp | Finland) JAIRAM (Real Vision, Lost Theory | Germany) JUSTIN CHAOS (Ozora | UK) KOXBOX (Twisted | Denmark) Oldskool set LAUGHING BUDDHA (Nano | UK) LEPTON (Lost Theory | Belgium) LOOPUS IN FABULA (Fabula Records | Italy) LYNOXOD (Sonic Chakras | Russia) M-RUN (Cronomi | Croatia) MAGIC SEEDS (Sonic Chakras | Macedonia) MAKADAM (Sanaton | Sweden) MERKABA (Zenon | New Zealand) MIRROR ME (Zenon | Poland) NA-TI (Zenon | Israel) NIKI (Mighty Quin | Russia) OCELOT (Avatar Records | USA) PICK (Zenon | Israel) PILA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije | Croatia) PROCS (Lost Theory | Sweden) PSPIRALIFE (Zenon | Australia) PSYCHAOS (Atomic | UK) Oldskool set PSYKOVSKY (Osom Music | Russia) REALITY PIXIE (Vertigo | Australia) SALAKAVALA (Hippie Killer Prod. | Finland) SCOPE (Lost Theory | Belgium) SENSIENT (Zenon | Australia) STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia) STEVO (Suntrip | Croatia) VAL VASHAR (Zenon | Croatia) WHRIKK (Sanaton | Netherlands) YANI (Suntrip | Belgium) ZOOLOG (Parvati | Danmark) ZUMI (Insomnia | Russia) 604FX (Sonic Chakras | Russia) ❋MINIMAL & PROGRESSIVE STAGE❋ ANTIX (Iboga, Sprout | New Zealand) BANEL (Iboga | Denmark) BEHIND BLUE EYES (Iboga | Denmark) BORIS BREJCHA (Hearthouse | Germany) COETER ONE (Frucht | Germany) DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia) EMOK (Iboga | Denmark) EXTRAWELT live (Cocoon | Germany) FRECHBAX (Electric Power Pole | Germany) ISHTAR (Tribal Vision, Feestgedruis | Belgium) KAIRON (Neurobiotic, Feestgedruis | Belgium) MAELSTROM (Iboga | Denmark) MISS SUNSHINE (Frucht | Croatia) SIOPIS (Get Physical Music | Mangali) SLATER (Tribal Vision | Czech) SPLATTER (Frucht | Mexico) THE GLITZ (Voltage Musique | Germany) & many more ❋CHILL-OUT & EXPERIMENTAL❋ BAYAWAKA (Enig’matic | Israel) BOXCUTTER | THE HOST (Planet Mu | Ireland) CÉDRIC STÉVENS (Acid Kirk, Comphusion | Belgium) DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia) KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba | New Zealand) KUDJO ( Ajnavision | Croatia) MAHAON & THE CYBERIANS (Inner Space Lab, Ajna vision | Russia) MANTISMASH (Independent | Israel) MOTE. (Ajnavision | Australia) NGE.Duo (Derango | Sweden) OCELOT (Avatar | USA) ORKE (LooneyMoonExperiment | Israel) STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia) STELLAR INK PONY (Retort Records,Procs | Sweden) TENGRI (Peak | Macedonia) & many more • Online Tickets: http://bit.ly/13jnNwv until 21st of december: 50€ until 15th of february: 70€ until 15th of april: 80€ until 19th of june: 90€ until 1st of august: 100€ • Visit our webpage for all information: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/
  20. Encephalopaticys added to the line up and offical aftermovie by Psynema online! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZBhMQAeYrU&feature=youtu.be
  21. Last year we had a blast of a festival, people who like a broad range of deep electronic music transformed the dance floors into whirling seas. We had our cup of live painting, mind boggling visuals, fantastic decoration and music made out of cybernetic fabric. The landscape is rough, stitched together with mountains, and we have a beautiful river that nourishes everyone with cozy freshness in the heat of the sun. For six days we will wander among our peers in total freedom, enjoying the music, art & people. So, let me tell you this, we’re setting up camp in Deringaj, on the banks of the Otuča (Ooh-tooh-tsjààgh) river. The terrain is divided by a 1 km long poetic riverside. It’s a wide open joy to the eye, you have small waterfalls, glimmering pools and small bridges throughout the terrain. Come with us and flow along the river vibes between mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature. First names released, full line up soon! ✩ HALLUCINOGEN(uk) ✩ HILIGHT TRIBE(fr) ✩ COSMOSIS(uk) ✩ SHPONGLE(uk)dj ✩ FURIOUS(ru) ✩ DARSHAN(uk) ✩ ASIA 2001(fr) ✩ DERANGO(se) ✩ GROUCH(nz) ✩ OCELOT(usa) ✩ ENCEPHALOPATICYS(mk) ✩ TOI DOI(fr) ✩ HALLUCINOGENIC HORSES(se) ✩ FLYING SCORPIONS(fi) ✩ SQUAREMEAT(fi) ✩ TEXAS FAGGOTT(fi) ✩ ZIK/ADRENAL GLANDS(gr) ✩ FRACTAL COWBOYS(usa) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(mk) ✩ ✩ MAKADAM(se) ✩ GOJJA(se) ✩ DIGICULT(be) ✩ NOLM(jp) ✩ ANKUR(de) ✩ DOSMPA(de) ✩ EPHEDRIX(be) ✩ VAL VASHAR(hr) ✩ ANOEBIS(be) ✩ BODHISATTVA 13:20(usa) ✩ NEMESIS vs OONAH(be) ✩ SCOPE(be) ✩ M-RUN(hr) ✩ STEVO(hr) ✩ FOOSE(be) ✩ JAVI & SKOOMA(be) crossover stage: ZION TRAIN(UK) ✩ VIBRONICS(UK) ✩ ACID KIRK(BE) ✩ STOORNIS(BE) ✩ DIGITRON SOUND(HR) ✩ VRX(HR) ✩ BLACKOUT DUB(BE) ✩ STEFAN ZMK vs LIZ(NL) ✩ ZMAYO(HR) ✩ BOYSWITHOYS(BE) ✩ CULTIVATE & RESCUE SOUND(BE) ✩ PISTOLERO SOUND(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ MONORF ✩ X&TRICK(BE) ✩ ANKUR(DE) ✩ KRASIUS(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) chillout: BIOSPHERE(NO) ✩ DERANGO(SE) ✩ TENGRI(MK) ✩ MASTER MARGHERITA(SWI) ✩ OCELOT(USA) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(MK) ✩ FISHIMSELF(GR) ✩ MAX MILLION(GR) ✩ APHATEK(GR) ✩ ANOEBIS(BE) ✩ VAL VASHAR(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ FOOSE(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) ✩ INFINITA SOMNIA(BE) ✩ DRONESCAPE ✩ NIELS & ALICE ✿ Decorations by 3Delica(RU), Shoom(LT), & more... ✿ ✿ 6 days and nights in full nature ✿ ✿ 3 stages with Psytrance, Goatrance, Dub, IDM, Ambient, Tribal, Experimental & beyond ✿ ✿ Funktion One soundsystem ✿ ✿ HD cinema with experimental movies at night ✿ ✿ Workshop & Lecture area ✿ ✿ Proffesional children care ✿ ✿ Art instalations ✿ !!!tickets now on sale for 80€!!! ~Flow along with the river vibes between the mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature~ http://www.losttheoryfestival.com http://www.losttheoryrecords.com
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