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Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven


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Wow, I just discovered this today :( I know, I musta been living under a rock in South Africa. I immediately had to go and buy it. Amazing/10

It's really worth the money especially for people who don't own Inner Cyclone. 17 tracks and not too repetitive as it is often the case with new school goa. Highlights are #6 in to reality on CD1 and #5 Operation side on CD2.
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CD1 was pretty good. Few of the tracks felt a tad safe and ended up a bit boring. I rather have seen CD1 be filled with those trancy tracks like All Alone and Patience For Heaven and then have CD2 act as the dancefloor mayhem.


Interesting to note on CD2 there's a few things that are quite different from the original. Mindrama for example has a whole layer taken out (the kick). Inner Cyclone bassline is also quite different (more emphasis on kick, less full).

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I can't believe its been four years since this released! 


I just heard the Patience For Heaven album tonight for the first time in a while and forgot how much I like the album. That last bonus track is so beautiful too. 


I've updated my review for it (CD1) above and will update (CD2) later in February.


Patience For Heaven is a beautiful album full of light. When I first heard it, I was a little disappointed (around few tracks) compared to the edgier style on the debut. Its grown on me though, and I would love to hear more intergalactic, infectious, and exciting approaches to uptempo Goa songs by this artist.

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This double album is a great deal. And I think a really nice way for people to discover two different eras of Mindsphere's output and how his style changed over the years. The first album I consider a modern classic in its own right. With a brand new fresh mastering by Tim Schuldt, Mindspheres debut album gets the distribution and quality legacy it deserves. These two albums works great in contrast to each other, one more dark and fast and the other more bright and floating.

Relistening to the Inner Cyclone album makes me wonder, how a new album from Mindsphere in the Inner Cyclone style would sound like. I think it would have been awesome, :) incorporating his new studio equipment, would have elevated the old style production-wise. 

And btw, thinking about it, Mindsphere had another style also inbetween the Inner Cyclone style and the style on Patience For Heaven. That style can be heard specifically in "Tears of The Godess" which was first posted on Mindspheres myspace.com page back in the day, long before beeing part of this Patience For Heaven album. The teasers he posted on myspace.com for Tears of The Godess and also for four other tracks, Orient Confusion, Senseless Reception, Mindphoria and Heart of Compassion. I think was a distinct style of his. Not as aggressive/driving as the style found on the Inner Cyclone album, nor as floating/euphoric as his style on Patience For Heaven.

This style was way more scaled down, and oriental in nature. Featuring highly pitched Nitzhonot kick drums. I can't help to wonder how an album in that style would have been. B)


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