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Zion 604 - Scandi90's - Scandinavian Psychedelic Anthems - Compiled by Dj Asherun

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aurax    24

Hello Goa heads,


We are happy to announce on our upcoming release - Scandi90's


"This album is a tribute to 90's Goa trance and a second life to great Scandinavian tracks which otherwise would be lost. Not only it contains tracks from artists that were considered underground back in the days and are now famous. It's also the beginning of of underground progressive music which still sounds like Goa but follows a whole new direction.

Presented here is a sample of how progressive music started and our view on mixed genres with a touch of Swami sound"


We are currently selling this album directly on discogs as presale! for 4.99 euros. grab your copy today.




For more information:






1 Sarolta Monspart – Stronghold

2 Little Blue Men – LBM

3 Fripic Bounce – Pack

4 Construction Planet – Shape Shifter

5 Little Blue Men – Fender Bender

6 Atmos – Self Transforming Dialoque

7 Miranda – NRG Beings

8 Shazbatt – Reza's Delight

9 Mato Project, The – Nervsound 47


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