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Artist: Various

Title: Pump Remixes

Label: Nexus Media

Date: July, 2012


1. Pump (Deliriant Remix)

2. Pump (Ectima Remix)

3. Pump (Brain Driver Remix)

4. Pump (DEL Remix)

5. Pump (Mental Substance Remix)

6. Pump (Penguin Conspiracy Remix)

7. Pump (Spliff Politix Remix)



Remix albums are usually hit or miss for me. They can be great giving tracks a fresh perspective and a new coat of paint, but too often it's just a clone of the original without much individuality. Nexus Media is a label that has earned blind buy status from me due to their overwhelmingly consistent ability to produce some of the best night-time full on out there. So imagine my joy when I see a remix album by one of my favorite artists sHiFt (Chris Hoy). All the artists were winners of a remix contest so that's kinda cool. Taking a look at the tracklist it...well, it...it appears to be seven remixes of the, uh...the same track.




Sure that track is kick ass, but...Look, I love sHiFt's music, but seven remixes of the same track. Wow, how can I put this?


I would love to motorboat Sofia Vergara seven times in a row, but after the fourth or fifth maybe...nah bad example. Would totally do it. Think she's available?


I love pizza. But after four or five meals of pizza in a row I'm starting to look at Arby's like it's an actual food product. Don't make me do that. I'm begging you.


The first four tracks are exactly what you would expect them to be. Of course he's got his boy Deliriant (Shane Renew) and he delivers the goods. Followed by Ectima (motherf*cker, Zyce is even on this thing!) which makes a dark track seem even darker. By the time we get to the DEL Remix it's become watered down and the bile that is an Arby's craving is beginning to surface. I'm sure one of the rules wasn't that the bpm's be 145. So thankfully the Penguin Conspiracy remix does exactly that and kicks the speed up to Usain Bolt level and when I hear it I just wanna break speed limits. Closing things out is an eerie take on Pump in a big beat electronica scary movie way. Hey at this point I was just happy with a change in tempo, but this remix did it right.


None of the tracks are bad and I liked them, but they are so similar that you just go numb after awhile. Anyone want to think outside the box? Where the f*ck was David Guetta in all of this? I'm sure Akon wasn't busy...wait, is he incarcerated, because I don't know what kind of studio capabilities are in the pokey. So in summary it's a little too similar for a listen all the way through, but if you break it up it's pretty good.






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My favorite track by shift...and the original is still better than all of the remixes.


Good thing though, in the recommendations on beatport was an EP by SA producer Tickets, released this year in June. Somehow I missed that and your review brought me there, so thanks!

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I think the remix of Ectima (Zyce) is the best. In my opinion it's better then the original. The other tracks didn't really do it for me.

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