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Artist: Eleusyn

Title: Atlantis EP

Label: Joof Recordings or Joof V.2 whatever the f*ck they're doing over there

Date: April, 2012


1. Atlantis

2. Solar Flares- E-mantra, Artifact303, & Reasonandu

3. Ganduri (Elusyn Remix) - Hypno



Following the success of Carbon and Phantasm current king of the hill and titan of goa trance E-mantra (Emanuel Carpus) reunites with Reasonandu (Alexandru Dumitrescu) for their 3rd EP Atlantis.


Less than a minute and half into the track Atlantis and that all too familiar sound which from this moment forth shall be named the E-mantra preset reaches the ear. As always it's hypnotic and will carry you to that mystical place in your mind. The brief breaks are like a thing alive with sensuous tendrils caressing as a lover would. Solar Flares adds another quality producer into the mix with this progressive goa rambler. Can a track be laid back and aggressive at the same time? This one is has bubbling effects and a searching 303 that carves a path like a hot knife through butter. If that was all there was I would say been there, done that. But the soft touches applied in the break that give rise to a new direction for the layers to flow are quite nice.


With a name that sounds like an entree I would get at the local Indian joint (and then release not 30 minutes later) Ganduri takes us into the depths of the ocean in search of that lost city. Perhaps the most lush track on the EP, it has a Merr0w feel to me. Spiraling, ever twisting.


Not a slight against Alexandru, this is the vintage E-mantra sound that I personally cannot get enough of. Melodic, soothing, and rich in descriptive layers. All the tracks are hypnotic and a worthy addition to your collection.


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"Oh yeah...right there....no, no...don't stop."





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Doesn't beat Carbon or Phantasm, but a must have for the E-Mantra fans, including me. :)

I would have hoped for a more energized EP, this one is indeed much softer and lush than the first two of Eleusyn.

Gotta be versatile. ;)

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