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"V/A - Christiania Selection"


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Artist: Various

Title: Christiania Selection

Label: Iono Music

Date: December, 2011



2. Sexofrenic - XSHADE

3. Offbeat Meeting - LIQUID SPACE



6. Maximum Overdrive - ACE VENTURA

7. Keep Walking - INFINITY

8. The last Jedi - MOTION DRIVE

9. Cometic - YOTOPIA


When you're the king, you run sh*t.



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Nobody at the ad agency thought this might be a little creepy?


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Ghetto crown...you know they give away free crowns at Mr. The King up there.



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King of Christiania


That's just the way it is. Iono has long been providing hungry trancers like me with quality progressive for years. Their style is melodic layers and danceable rhythms. Wide open and massive. Which brings me to this release dedicated the ahem...state of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark.


So let me get this straight. The homeless hopped a fence of an abandoned military facility and claimed dibs. They decided to start a society from scratch on land they didn't own? And the government was ok with this and let it happen? F*ck let me run down to the local YMCA and plant a flag and say that it's now called big titty town and only girls with big titties are allowed. Think they won't come? Well then like Christiania we'll legalize marijuana and the chicks will beat down my door. But no hard drugs you degenerates. Take that sh*t to Philly. Ever been there? What a f*cking cesspool. Go south on Broad St...it's like District 9 at that point.


SO now all the hippies, homeless, artists, immigrants, and drug pushers live in the area. Sounds lovely. Of course the most famous part is Pusher Street where the weed trade thrives openly and they have had issues with violence. Go figure. They have their own businesses and even their own flag (album cover...red background and three yellow dots to signify the dots above the three i's. Apparently when they took over there was a lot of red and yellow paint lying around.) If nothing else it is a very interesting story.


Sexofrenic- A quick trip to the smartest guy I know (Google) and I discovered that sexophrenic means:


"An individual suffering from a sexual disorder involving several naughty personalities with insatiable libidos and absolutely no shame.”


What the f*ck just happened? I remember looking up the definition of sexophrenic and then next thing I know my computer is full of porn and the track is on it's fifteenth play. Thank God I wasn't near any water.


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Yeah, f*ck you Pinnochio, I'm not fallin' for it. Yes, yes...I've heard it a million times...you've got wood. Never gets old.


This is a grower. It's got lots of effects and moves along so smoothly you would swear it was in slow motion. Damn if this track doesn't make time stop.


Offbeat Meeting- I recently reviewed his Looking Forward EP and thought it was all right. Nothing special. Now this track changes direction very early on and I like it way better than that EP. Very full sounding with lots of echoing sounds and then he gets busy with the 303. Any time you do that you have my undivided attention.


Red Zone- Love this track because every space is filled with sound. It slinks around corners with short ethereal melodies that evaporate like steam. I was gonna say smoke, but weed smoke hangs around so long you could get high the day after. Not showy or powerful, just...mellow.


Atlantic Spirit- These two may just have the track of the compilation. It's full of echoing sounds, spiritual vocals, and layers that go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cloud busting atmosphere and melodies that cannot help but put a smile on your face. Well done!


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Oftentimes a young jedi's training is filled with...missteps.


Maximum Overdrive- Yoni wields the 303 like he's E-Mantra. And while I liked that bit, I felt the track was a bit unfocused. Stops and starts and too much time with not a lot going on.



Keep Walking- "It's time for a commercial break."


You really want me to sh*t all over this track don't you? Nikos Karamalakis from Greece seems to have made a good track with effects and lead stabs, but for some reason he put cheesy vocal samples in it. Check the ladies? Ugh. Musically it has some giddy up in its step with twisted bass sounds, but the break is my favorite part with its twinkling sounds and fat pads. Makes up for the gouda.


The Last Jedi- "So this is the last of the Jedi."


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These are not the Happy Meals you're looking for....


Philip Guillaume from Switzerland produced a pretty good album with 2010's In The Dirt and on comps he's had a pretty good track record with me. He makes another track that makes you wonder where the time went. It's a bouncer with good effects and several layers. Good one.


Cometic- Israeli duo Tomer Dayan and Yonatan Rimon close things out with a nice underground funker bigger than all outside. The light percussion has a bit of a jiggle and Lord knows I loves me some jiggle


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"Hi there, my name's Mike, wanna get a cup of coffee?"


The melodies soar like they have jetpacks as the track bounces playfully along. Just a smooth way to bring the journey to a close.


So another Iono compilation that doesn't disappoint. After the first track I thought it would be like Chinese food. Sure it's filling now, but you know you're gonna be hungry again in 20 minutes. But true to form they continued to make progressive trance with huge breaks and wide open atmospheres. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get some lunch at my favorite spot. Try the dumplings!


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To me, there is one real gem on this compilation - Atlantic Spirit. The melody, the synths, the atmosphere - everything is done just right. If I had to find some flaws in this one this would be only the corny track title. The Last Jedy is also nice, not very memorable track but groovy and atmospheric. Everything else is "nothing special" at best. But I have to admit that I mostly don't get this Iono-like psy-prog thing. It seems that the idea behind it is to blend psy with "normal" trance or house, maybe to make the music more accessible, but the result is neither psy nor trance - in most cases too amorphous to be catchy and too tame and mundane to be trippy.


But may be that's just me, people seem to like it.

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