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"V/A - Entities 2.0"


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Artist: Various

Title: Entities 2.0

Label: None

Date: January, 2012


01 - Dual Barrel - 27 Sundowns (142 BPM)

02 - Deimos - Future Failed (140 BPM)

03 - Hotep - Digital Man (142 BPM)

04 - Nova Fractal - Blindsight (145 BPM)

05 - Lunar Dawn - Genesis (146 BPM)

06 - PsiloCybian - Mindblowing (142 BPM)

07 - Delta Cycle - Vortex (145 BPM)

08 - Psynthax - E.C.T. (143 BPM)

09 - Symatix - The Attack Of The Dissonant Frogs (146 BPM)

10 - Phantasmagoria - Campfire Story (144 BPM)


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"Let's see, cashbox, glocks, stacks of $100's...hey! Hey, honey...will you take the f*cking kid, I don't want him gettin' his hands on the money! Jesus...what kind of parent are you?"


This is the 2nd chapter in the Entities series which sees a lot of the same Croatian artists ply their trade. As with the first one this is a free release and it crosses genre boundaries. First one really didn't impress me much. It was like fast food. Good going down and got the job done, but you always wish you ate a little better. As far as sound goes it was done by the master of mastering Igor Čeranić so zero concerns there. Artwork by my good friend and Psynews member Richpa. Dude's got talent.



27 Sundowns- "Wanna know something? I am high as shit right now dude. I just, I just liked like three toads. I've been up for like 27 suns up and suns down."


Saša Dukić & Igor Čeranić know how to make some noise. This is a dark and industrial rampage with acid scraping metal. The battle between man and machine rages on and to be honest it isn't really going that well. Love the break, it oozes with electricity and fear. It doesn't bother with being subtle or agile...oh no. Some people whine and pout when they don't get what they want for Xmas. This?


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Shoulda checked that list again fatboy.



Future Failed- Just Igor this time and he offers another powerful track. Amidst a garbled transmission he pounds one out like his angry at the kick drum. The juicy bass lead dances nimbly above the fray as he stacks the layers and keeps them all going at the same time. While not as descriptive as the first track it's still synthtasticly good.


Digital Man- Written by Stjepan Hojan you can see where he got the project name. Another dark track with bass sweeps and effects whirling by. And I wouldn't be offended if you thought that there was a slight goa feel to it. The main melody storms forward while support effects give it some depth. He introduces new lead sounds and they fit right in. Very futuristic and digital sounding. Nice.


Blindsight- Renato Brnić released his Main Sequence Star EP this year and I thought it was awesome outer space goa. And he continues the trend with some churning sounds and rich layers. The break is great with the deep pads and bubbling synths from the beginning. The problem I have with it is that I didn't care for the progression of the melody. I felt it was static and didn't change much from the beginning. Purely personal. This ain't Dancing With the Stars you know...it's not like you're gonna get sent home.


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"I can't see what you're trying to do here."



Genesis- Welcome back Kristijan Ilišinoviæ. Remember his track The Run on Goa Overdose 2? Outstanding and so is this. Love the storming nature and the acid lines in this goa treat. It's full of motion and direction changes along with a spooky mood. The leads are sharp and wet with liquid, the kind that duck in and out of dark places. This will get those stiff joints moving...


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God, I love Bollywood.



Mindblowing- Saša Dukiæ (half of Dual Barrel) gets a chance to flex his psytrance muscles all by his lonesome. It's like you decide to work out and then before you know it

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BAM! How the f*ck do you find shirts?


Holy crap this was an awesome track. So firm...so fully packed. Great leads and oodles of layers with the driving intensity you hear on tracks from Temple of One or God Save the Machine. Mindblowing? Pretty damn close.


Vortex- This is Domagoj Kirnbauer and I feel sorry for you.


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No not for that. That could happen to anyone. Who drinks a case of beer. After a bottle of wine. While on heroin.


No I feel sorry for you because nobody should have to follow the last track. That should've ended the album. This is a bit atmospheric, but largely boring. It's not until 6 and a half minutes that an interesting lead appears. It's awesome, but it's like throwing a guy a life preserver after he's been floating face down for 10 minutes.


Needed to focus on that lead.


E.C.T.- Miroslav Lakiæ is an artist I have no knowledge of. Reminds me of Shotu type stuff, lots of effects over a prominent bass line. But the power is there as are leads that are quite cutting. Rumbling bass sounds combine in layers. Sticky like maple syrup but nothing spectacular.


The Attack of the Dissonant Frogs- Now this is some juicy, dark forest rumblings. Chirping insects and eerie effects set the atmosphere as melodies peek from places of shelter. Looking for a time out? Forget it. It's a relentless ride with no GPS to get you out of this forest.


Campfire Story- Closing things out with another forest field trip is Damir Abjanoviæ & Marko Paviæ and they pile on the effects like I do sprinkles on my ice cream. You got your clunky sounds, scratchy leads, and deeeeep bass line. I like it a lot due to the atmosphere which is terrifying and comes in waves. No sunlight in sight. Great job.



This was a compilation that had a few gems on it and is definitely worth your time. All of the tracks sound great (nice work Igor) and create a really good atmosphere. To be honest, I didn't find any sunshine or lollipops on this. Pretty dark all the way through. You could definitely feel the tide turning into stormier weather right around the Vortex track. Kudos to the Dual Barrel, Lunar Dawn, and Psilocybian tracks as they were for me the best of the bunch.




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