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Scorb - Reanimated Vol. 1 EP


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Artist: Scorb
Title: Reanimated Vol. 1 EP
Label: Trick Music
Date: December, 2011

1. Mutoid (Reanimated Rmx)
2. 13.5 Hours (Reanimated Rmx)

Scorb (Yod Onsen) has always been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Never really got into his early stuff although now when I go back and listen to his first album, I can really appreciate how ahead of his time he was. I love the direction his music has taken lately with releases like Abre Macabre. His music wasn't always that melodic, but instead focused on evolving and twisting textures. Weird sounds and samples...like an alien drive thru safari.

Trick Music is celebrating it's 10th release as well as 10 years of Scorby goodness. These two tracks were around before I got into psytrance so I had to go back and listen to what they were all about.

Mutoid (Reanimated Rmx)- I didn't have the original but I was able to hear the extended version on his first album. Full of bass sounds, guitar stabs, alien squelches, and cartoon effects. This remix takes what was a rambling track and focuses it with more power. Still twisted but not much added. Not bad.

13.5 Hours (Reanimated Rmx)- The original had a futuristic feel with the dark scratchyness that sounds good today. Totally fits the alien cover. You can't really be scared of something with an eye that big, right? But then you see the way it moves with iit's arachnoid legs and I'm starting to rethink that. There aren't many differences here. Still got the MDMA vocal, the same sounds...If anything it just sounds more...what's the word...polished.

So here's my thing. If you're going to remix a track (especially one of your own) it has to be different. Has to. A change in tempo or the addition of effects does not a remix make. So from that standpoint this EP is a total fail. If I wanted to hear the originals, I would listen to the originals. Be that as it may, it shined a light on a couple of tracks that I hadn't given much attention to. And those tracks were pretty good. So if you're debating whether to purchase this ask yourself if you already have these tracks on your hard drive. Cause the differences are slight.



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I realise that this is an old post but felt compelled to comment.


Ady (Scorb) has been requested to do quite a few old skool live sets and wanted to ensure that nothing was lost from the originals, his aim was to polish the originals but not to neccessarily change them too much.


"The plan here was to keep as close to the originals as possible, to reanimate rather than remix.

It's 10 years now since I started Scorb so the idea is that there is gonna be a series of these reanimated versions of older Scorb tracks for an old skool live set next year."




He's done a few of these sets (this weekend in Berlin and over the Christmas and New Year in Australia, if memory serves me well)


There are also more Reanimated EP's due for release this year - I will pass on your comments as I'm sure he will be gutted to learn that some feel that he's been dishonest. I am sure he will do everything he can to rectify it :)



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