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Microcosm – Higher Levels.


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Microcosm was an old school Goa trance project formed by Norwegian musicians Fredrik Larsen and Georg Simonsenin the late 1990s. Their debut album, Higher Levels, was never meant to be released, but thanks to the efforts of a close friend, it is now possible to experience the wondrous majesty of these lost classics. Microcosm’s sound embraces the original conception of “full-on”, combining layered melodies, acid-drenched, cosmic atmospheres, and peak-time energy. Behind the music, there is also a cautionary tale of dreams, obsession, and excess, all in the pursuit of accessing the higher levels of trance for which this album is named. Engineered by Karlsen and mastered by Jay (Southwild) @ Trailer Park Studios, Toronto.


Please note that the sound quality of this release is very rough at times, with noise clearly audible on some songs. Due to the circumstances under which the project ended it was not possible to obtain better source material for mastering.




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About the noise: it could have gone either way but in the end we went with the recommendation of the mastering engineer to just leave it. As I understand it, running a noise reduction plugin can adversely affect the quality of the audio signal on the rest of the track... so it isn't an easy decision; there are trade-offs. I don't like the noise either but that's all we had to work with, unfortunately.


I'm glad you like the release though... it was quite a project!

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