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Time in Motion - Four Degrees EP


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Artist: Time In Motion

Title: Four Degrees EP

Label: Iono Music

Date: June, 2011


1. Colour (Remake 2011) - Time In Motion

2. Audio Gigilo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix) - Time In Motion

3. Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix) - Time In Motion

4. Audio Gigilo (Flegma & Nerso Remix) - Time In Motion



If you have 4 tracks and 3 are remixed by other artists, do you really get to claim it as your own? Don't ya think it might be a mini-compilation? Just a thought.


This is the Cowan brothers as well as Martin Daltoft from Denmark with a 4-track EP released by Iono. Since it is Iono you can expect rich atmospheres with melodies longer than the US unemployment line. I recently reviewed another EP by these gentlemen called Smooth Vibrations and was very pleased with what I heard. Here's the link:




I do have one beef with this EP. The ugly cover. I realize that every cover can't be LSD fractal galaxy dieties, but I expected more than a meter I could read on the side of my house.



Colour (Remake 2011)- "The colour of your imagination..."


This is a track from the Beat Generation 2 compilation and they decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. I don't remember the original, but this one has a nice drifting sway to it. The break is typically massive with galaxy spanning synths and echoing effects. Their sound is so vast it's like hurtling through space with a huge bay window so you can take it all in. The layers give it some rich depth and I do not get tired of this one.


Audio Gigolo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix)- This is from the EP of the same name. No idea who the remixers are and since I have never heard the original this is a blank slate for me. There are plenty of the juicy and tangible Iono effects and the tempo is in the mid 130's if I had to guess. This is as close to being able to touch the music as I imagine you could get...rich sweeps, chopped up synths racing by.. Another great one.


Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix)- Here come the Greeks Vladislav Koumpatidis & Koinis Anastasios with their take on a track from the Destinations 2 compilation. More of the same drifting, melodic juicyness. This is the type of music I would break out after I climbed a mountain and wanted to take in the view. Rolling synths unfurl with tracks of color as they spiral into the sky during the breaks. Love this stuff.


Audio Gigolo (Flegma & Nerso Remix)- Dalibor Delić & Dragan Matić are the creme de la creme of melodic progressive and they take their cut at the gigolo. Their version seems fuller and with more of an aggressive swagger. So firm and fully packed as Pepe Le Pew would say. Beautiful melodies that are supported by grumbly effects. Awesome.


It occurs to me that I didn't have to do a track by track review of this EP because all 4 of the tracks had the same qualities. Melodic drifters that twist and turn leaving streamers of color. Wide open breaks that curl around you like your favorite blanket. If you love the Iono style of melodic and rich atmospheric progressive then this is a must.





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