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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Time In Motion Title: Four Degrees EP Label: Iono Music Date: June, 2011 1. Colour (Remake 2011) - Time In Motion 2. Audio Gigilo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix) - Time In Motion 3. Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix) - Time In Motion 4. Audio Gigilo (Flegma & Nerso Remix) - Time In Motion If you have 4 tracks and 3 are remixed by other artists, do you really get to claim it as your own? Don't ya think it might be a mini-compilation? Just a thought. This is the Cowan brothers as well as Martin Daltoft from Denmark with a 4-track EP released by Iono. Since it is Iono you can expect rich atmospheres with melodies longer than the US unemployment line. I recently reviewed another EP by these gentlemen called Smooth Vibrations and was very pleased with what I heard. Here's the link: http://www.psynews.o...-vibrations-ep/ I do have one beef with this EP. The ugly cover. I realize that every cover can't be LSD fractal galaxy dieties, but I expected more than a meter I could read on the side of my house. Colour (Remake 2011)- "The colour of your imagination..." This is a track from the Beat Generation 2 compilation and they decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. I don't remember the original, but this one has a nice drifting sway to it. The break is typically massive with galaxy spanning synths and echoing effects. Their sound is so vast it's like hurtling through space with a huge bay window so you can take it all in. The layers give it some rich depth and I do not get tired of this one. Audio Gigolo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix)- This is from the EP of the same name. No idea who the remixers are and since I have never heard the original this is a blank slate for me. There are plenty of the juicy and tangible Iono effects and the tempo is in the mid 130's if I had to guess. This is as close to being able to touch the music as I imagine you could get...rich sweeps, chopped up synths racing by.. Another great one. Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix)- Here come the Greeks Vladislav Koumpatidis & Koinis Anastasios with their take on a track from the Destinations 2 compilation. More of the same drifting, melodic juicyness. This is the type of music I would break out after I climbed a mountain and wanted to take in the view. Rolling synths unfurl with tracks of color as they spiral into the sky during the breaks. Love this stuff. Audio Gigolo (Flegma & Nerso Remix)- Dalibor Delić & Dragan Matić are the creme de la creme of melodic progressive and they take their cut at the gigolo. Their version seems fuller and with more of an aggressive swagger. So firm and fully packed as Pepe Le Pew would say. Beautiful melodies that are supported by grumbly effects. Awesome. It occurs to me that I didn't have to do a track by track review of this EP because all 4 of the tracks had the same qualities. Melodic drifters that twist and turn leaving streamers of color. Wide open breaks that curl around you like your favorite blanket. If you love the Iono style of melodic and rich atmospheric progressive then this is a must. http://www.beatport....rees-e-p/376648 Mdk
  2. Artist: Unseen Dimensions Title: Airglow EP Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Airglow 2. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Nok & Zyce 3. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Flegma & Nerso Breastfeeding is a purely non sexual act. *shakes head in disbelief. What the f*ck dude?* At least that's what women have told me. And by women I mean the one woman I know who is currently breastfeeding. Look I get it, it's the act of nurturing your newborn child and has nothing to do with sex. The woman's point of view is very clear and rational. But have you seen what happens to breasts after childbirth? Boobs become so big and full that a brother can't help but stare. And that's what lead me to this review. I couldn't stop staring so my wife sent me downstairs. But all is not lost, because I get to review and EP from progressive masters Iono Music. Smooth, melodic sounds are just what I need to cure my banishment. This is Javier Martinez Salinas from Mexico who released a damn fine album a few years ago as Twilight. Airglow- "No one's coming to get us. Ok? No one. We have to help ourselves." And we're off to a pretty groovy start with effects that make you feel like you're riding a star. Very full and lush as numerous layers take you in. Whooshes and sweeps hover above the bass line that moves with a funky shuffle. My advice? Stand back and let this psychedelic bird fly. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- More groove and more effects as small melodies peek out. The break is tangible as comets zoom past and the whole universe opens up in front of you, ushering a change in time signature. After that nice floating interlude, the track assumes it's original position with a pounding melodic sixteen bars. Great stuff. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- This track is from their album Opposite which to me is one of the benchmarks of progressive trance. Now here are a list of the artists I know that have remixed this track. Liquid Space, Sven Snug, E-Clip, and Protoactive. Some tracks just lend themselves for remixing I guess. Oscillating synths come over you in waves, undulating breaks and liquid effects make this a joy to listen to. If you love the spacious Iono style, then this EP is a no brainer. Congratulations to Javier, he will fit in just fine making this beautiful progressive trance. Highly recommended. http://www.beatport.com/release/airglow-e-p/392750 Mdk
  3. Artist: Hiyarant Title: Immaterial EP Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: July, 2011 1. 2 Times Devoured 2. One Punch Machine Gun 3. For the Blind 4. Disperse Stuart Vermaak is from South Africa so due to genetics he obviously has the psytrance goods. Don't try to fight science; like gravity it's a competitor that is undefeated. Just ask this chick. My sources tell me that after this incident she and every girl who resembled Chrissy from Three's Company died right on the spot. True story. So Stuart released Collision in 2008 and he had me with all the creepy Emily Rose samples. It was powerful and dark just the way I like it. So here's a little EP giving us a window of what he's up to today. 2 Times Devoured- "No problem...easy peasy. But I will only do this for a price." More power and a lead that will cut through your skull like a migraine. Definitely an acquired taste. It is a little stop and starty for my liking though. Couldn't build any momentum. It's like hiking the mountains with my 2 year old. We would make some good time, but he has to stop every 20 feet and pick up a f*cking pine cone. One Punch Machine Gun- "I don't f*ck around fellas, you all know the rules and you know I won't stand for it." Ding ding ding...I believe we have a winner for the coolest track name for 2011! Now this is more like it. With a hard driving bass line things are in order as he smears acid across the windshield like bugs on a road trip. There are a lot of samples here, too many and they dominate the track. Not bad, but he's done better. For the Blind- "You're a very special kind of monster." The grooviest track so far loaded with torrents of acid. It's layered more than the other tracks and that appeals to me. This is a pummeling of the first order and the first track on the EP that I can say that I really like. Disperse- That lead is psycho. Think of scribbling with a crayon but instead of color you get sound. And that sound is very loud and totally f*cked up your paper. Who hurt you Stuart? Who hurt you? One of the first things I would tell you is if you have a headache that is even on the horizon, do not listen to this. It is loud and abrasive and very raw. Each track has starts and stops but the last two are the best for my money. It's intense and chaotic often times just like his debut. I can't recommend it because I can't recommend music that makes me want to go on a shooting spree. http://www.junodownload.com/products/immaterial/1778558-02/ Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Pangaea Label: Hadra Records Date: July, 2011 1. The Psychedelic Experience - Shotu 2. How's Your Head - Mr. Peculiar 3. Star Born - Atomic Pulse 4. Through the Brain - Painkiller 5. Menotone - Menog & Chromotone 6. Virtuoso - Lost & Found 7. Romp & Stomp - Artsense 8. Life After Death - Occy 9. Maudits Artistes - Lunaroot Remember when the planets were all connected in one big land mass and we were a unified people? Yeah, me neither. Nobody does because it was...wait one second.... *puts finger to earpiece* I just got word that we have exclusive video of two men that do remember that magical and enlightening time. "Jag?? Jag is for pussies! Matlock is the best! Maaaatlocccck!!!!" Hadra records known for the Hadracadabra series and several pretty good compilations are back at it with their latest effort. Compiled by Jimson (aka...who?) it brings together an impressive tracklist but before I get tricked again I shall view this with a skeptical eye. The Psychedelic Experience- "Once upon a time in San Francisco a filmaker and an art teacher poured some colored ink in water to make an experimental film." You ever know someone who never seems to age? No matter how many years go by they still look the same? It's called the Ralph Macchio/Kevin Arnold Syndrome. Well that's this guy's music. David Marmin has never been big on melodies but always waded deep into psychedelia. He's been making the same track for seven years. Scratchy synths and well placed samples over a quick bass line. It's very cold and digital. IMO he is the definition of a one trick pony. But, f*ck I like ponies. C'mon dude, even Twinkle Twinkle has a few notes... How's Your Head- Dustin Saalfield from Australia has long been one of my favorite artists. Full-on gets sh*t on a lot, but he creates the detailed and psychedelic stuff that makes this music great. I like his atmosphere and the effects sound really good. This track is drenched in layers and has a nice spacious break. His leads twirl, ducking and diving as new synths join the fray. Pretty good sir. Star Born- "It all began at the time of the universe...gave birth to the stars." If we're being honest it doesn't get any more full-on than Atomic Pulse. Well maybe Alien Project might fight for the title, but shut the front door the beginning of the track is a cracker! Someone has been vacationing on the shores of goa because there was some ripping goa melodies at the outset. Sure, after that it became what he is known for, but it was well done and he did a nice job. It's like when you're at McDonalds and your expecting the same old Big Mac and then it comes back with loads of special sauce and pickles. What recession? Muy bien hecho! Through The Brain- "When drugs are used many parts of the brain become inactive or....over active." Roy has been hanging out with Nutek too much and let's face it his sound has suffered because of it. His first album was everything you could want in a twilight psy album, but his latest Duty Freak (reviewed here http://www.psynews.o...__fromsearch__1) was a little off the mark. And this is more of the same tame and uninspired stuff. There are numerous drug samples (what do you want the artist name is Painkiller) and the leads weren't that impressive. No chaos or dark tone setting effects just least common denominator full-on. I'm not saying that I'm here ...but I'm not not saying it. Menotone- "The first step in seeking happiness...is learning." Love both of the artists, but I cannot stand the cutesy track names that...sigh, cleverly act as a mix of the two artist names. Both are twilight stalwarts and hell, Daniel (Mr. Spectral Records) practically had a hand in inventing the genre. But you wouldn't know it from this track. I mean it was moving pretty good in the beginning with a distorted synth...Not bad. Not that this was a killer to begin with, but if you want a picture of a flow killer see this track. The sample above? Grinds this track to a halt. Throw in a little build up and see this.... It's my sad panda face. After a f*ckton of ketamine. And pot. And mushrooms. And....funions. Romp & Stomp- This is the first artist I know nothing about but that's cool. Leads switch places amid several mini buildups as the bass line races to finish first. And wouldn't you know it there is a sample about art. Not everything can be art you know...it has to be amazing. Halfway through it begins to layer up right into a break. Not terribly dark or atmospheric, but it doesn't lack power. Virtuoso- "When this all started I thought you might have a little harmless fun. And that you'd be responsible enough to keep it in perspective. I can see now that I was mistaken." His album Decoder was released this year (review here http://www.psynews.o...__fromsearch__1 ) and even though it wasn't as strong as I would've liked he is still my favorite twilight artist. This track begins like almost all his tracks. Heavy beat, acid drenched synths, and a dark ready to kick you in the nuts atmosphere. His groove picks up with leads that sound like they are turntable manipulated as a crunchy break. It's cyber intensive and the best track on the compilation. His best? Nah, but I'll take it. Life After Death- "Do you know who...who you're messing with? I want this man dead. When I say dead, I mean seriously dead. Beaten. Broken. His head mounted on my wall kinda dead!" Wow, there sure are a lot of quotable samples in this disc. 2nd unknown and this project begins with a decidedly alien effects show and the above angry sample. Synths fly like frisbees amid intense samples and the guy is making me nervous. Pretty wild and enjoyable. Maudits Artistes- My French is a little rusty ever since I stopped banging that hot French chick in the 90's but I think the title means cursed or damned artists. For the hat trick, this is the 3rd project I have no clue about. Pretty cool sample in the language of love and the track itself is good. The vibe is dark as leads unravel and pads hum forlornly above. It changes direction which always appeals to me. I always thought the last track in a compilation should leave you with a memorable feeling and this project seemed quite capable of doing that with good atmosphere. Not heavy but it went down nicely. Not a bad compilation. Not surprisingly the Lost & Found and Mr. Peculiar track were the best for me but surprisingly the Atomic Pulse one was also quality. It seemed like a couple of artists just mailed it in though. Far from essential it is more on the lighter side of twilight psytrance if you get my meaning. http://www.psyshop.c.../haa1cd023.html http://www.beatspace...ea+/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4527 Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Stand Up Against Gravity Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Jeff Vader - Clubgeister 2. Dark Ages - Egorhythmia 3. Chapter One - Twice 4. Heavy New Beer - Klopfgeister 5. Good Bye Goa (Jiser Remix) - Klopfgeister 6. Clone Baby - Midimal 7. Dirty Santa (Elecdruids Remix) - Klopfgeister 8. Good Bye Goa (Suduaya Remix) - Klopfgeister 9. Apollo - Beatbastards *Barry White Music playing softly in the background. Lights dimmed.* Hey Iono baby. Long time no see. Aw, don't be like that sugar nipples. True, it's been a while since I touched you but you gotta realize those other labels meant nothing to me. Really they didn't. I thought you had lost interest, you know, releasing so many EP's, going all digital on me.... You know I love you right? You look really good with that slimmed down tracklist. I didn't think you had 3 Klopfgeister remixes, a new track and a track by his new project in you. C'mon baby we've been through so much that I think we owe it to ourselves to see if we still have that magic. Whattya say? Another go round, just for old times sake? Jeff Vader- Was that Darth's real first name? Let's see...what project does this remind me of...wait for it, wait for it...AH! Klopfgeister! This is Thorsten Paul with his slower tempo house project. It's got a house swagger to it and from the 2001 movie dramatic string stabs...you know...dah dah!!!! There should be monkeys throwing sequencers in the air in the video. Nice beat and groovy tone, perfect to whet the appetite. Dark Ages- Boban Lazovski has been a busy progressive trance guy releasing several EP's and a recent remix album that I've been meaning to dive into. He's got the atmosphere here, with great effects and a darker tone. Hmmm, go figure, the track is called Dark Ages. Digital farts abound with sounds echoing from every nook and cranny. Nice. Chapter One- This one is true Iono spaciousness. No idea who is behind this project, but now I'm behind this project. It's a bit of a slow and minimal starter, but then the effects kick in and the groove intensifies. Short synth melodies echo and whoever this is got his PHD in the delay button. The break is superb with a brief slow beat and warm pads. The best so far. Heavy New Beer- This is the one new Klopfgeister track and he decides to tackle the most popular beverage on the planet. We sent our crack team of investigators into the field for a little research as to why this was the case. "Again too small of a sample size...how many times must we go over this?!?" This track is more under the radar. Gone are the echoing synths and crammed in sounds. The lead appears more than halfway through in the form of a chopped up synth and then vanishes and doesn't return. Not bad, but nothing that makes me want to put this beer down. Good Bye Goa (Jiser Remix)- Juan Carlos tackles a Thorsten track. Actually, I think it tackled him because it wasn't very impressive. How would I describe this...you ever have one of those ideas that seemed really good at the time, but didn't turn out how you thought it would? Yeah, like that. Clone Baby- Christian Merkis recently reviewed his 2nd studio album The Pursuit of Happiness. It wasn't bad at all but he is probably still searching. I know I am because this was a thin slice of vanilla. Nothing at all stood out, it just...went. He tries for a recovery at the end with a bright melody, but too little too late homie. Dirty Santa (Elecdruids Remix)- "Who would even like those tracks?" That is a great question. Ok, so now Phillip Schweitzer will attempt a Klopfgeister remix with the same boring results only he trumps the other remix? How...well, for starters the track is over 9 minutes. 2nd, there are samples promoting Thorsten's slower, club project and picking on the name. Remind this guy that this is dance music...I'm going to take a leak. Sorry kitty! Good Bye Goa (Suduaya Remix)- Newcomer Suduaya is the latest to try and remix a Klopf...really, almost 10 minutes? You know bigger isn't always better. Ask this guy... Holy sh*t. Right about here...yep, that's where I would've crapped myself. Suduaya released his debut Dreaming Sun this year and I am really interested in hearing it. He gives this track the spacey pad treatment. Throws a little breakbeat your way and gets all angelic choir on your ass. The melodies are quite airy with pretty good breaks. Not bad at all. If this was a streetfight and we were to compare Good Bye Goa remixes, well Juan Carlos... Yeah, you're Joey. Night-night! Apollo- This is the perfect non-commital track. Not a lot happening and no risks taken. It won't be remembered not because it was terrible because it wasn't, but like that blind date your mother insisted you go on to get you out of her house you just know that this isn't the girl for you. "No Mom! I can do it myself!!!" So...that was great yeah? Man it was really good seeing you. We should totally do this again. *Hops on one leg as puts pants on and looks around for keys* Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll call you. *Pokes head back in the door* Of course I respect you...you're wonderful...you. Can we do this another time, I've got a....thing. You know how it is. http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1cd049.html http://www.beatspace...ity/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4541 Mdk
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