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Cortex - Spiritual Tonic


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Artist: Cortex
Title: Spiritual Tonic
Label: Geomagnetic TV
Date: August, 2010

1. The Unborn
2. Sonic Boom
3. Brain Juice
4. Elixir
5. Elastic Reality - Cortex, Jaws Underground & Twisted Nature
6. Mr Faster
7. Party creature - Cortex Vs. Tempo Shrine
8. Goin N Goin - Cortex Vs. BrainBokka
9. Going to the promised land (rmx)
10. Goan Mad (Cortex vs BrainBokka Party rmx) - G.M.S. Vs. Karan

You guys are young, do you like going out to clubs to pick up chicks? I'm married, so I don't have to do that. As a matter of fact, I'm so money all I have to do is pull up to them at a stoplight



Yeah, I'll make it rain on ya baby.

We've all been to the club, it's dark, music is pumping and you've had 3 or 13 of your favorite drinks. It's getting late and the pickings are getting a little slim. So you see what's left and the girl you settle (and make no mistake, you are settling) on goes home with you and well, you do what you really want to do.

Next morning, head pounding, you begin the walk of shame only to find out that Mrs. last night isn't what you thought and the chase begins!


Let me show you how I got there.

Cortex is Assaf Weizmann from Israel and his 2007 album Time For Salvation was very good I thought. I suppose he made his bones in the twilight genre. So, you know, I figure one can never have enough twilight psy and that's where my night at the club begins.

The Unborn- Ok, I'm not sure about the flamenco guitar, (did that not fail on Flamenco Mania?) but I like the big fat bass. Juicy. Pure full on but with that bass and those acid stabs I could really like this. There is an interesting change in tempo that improves the groove factor. When the break hits the guitar plays nicely but that is just an opening for the bass to come back and pound away.
So at this point its


Sonic Boom- Another tempo change from 4/4 to 3/4 I dunno, but the acid synths make this ok. It of course goes back and bounces ok, and I see this chick and she seems pretty hot, but it's dark, so I'm not really sure. With all the lights it's hard to tell what I'm looking at, but this is how I see it.


Brain Juice- Some electric guitar right there...yeah I don't like it either, but something about that riff is appealing. Not unlike the lady I just scoped out. Besides, I have already had enough brain juice for both of us so she's probably pretty hot...right? The break is kind of build-upy, then the beat emerges with a gallop. Not terrible.

Elixir- Man this stuff is f*cking with my brain. I like the punchy bass and the acid lead is intoxicating. See what I did there? The groove is pumping, even if it starts and stops a bit, and I'll be honest I'm just staring at my lady's jugs.

Elastic Reality- So where dancin' and spinning with the disco lights flashing all over the place. Yeah it's full on to the core, but I'm so wasted I don't care. I like the acid lines, but the build-ups are a little tedious. We're still a go!

Mr. Faster- What the f*ck is Kanye West doing here? Man I hate it when artists mangle pop songs to make it "psy." Another damn tempo change? How am I supposed to get my swerve on with this fine piece of womanhood if you keep switching the beat up on a brotha? Man, the room is starting to spin a bit and I wish Kanye would shut the hell up...It's so dark, maybe I shouldn't drink any more...
What the f*ck? Was that an adam's apple?

Party Creature- The guitar is wailing away as the acid jumps in and I probably didn't see anything. Oh yeah, I'm taking this babe home. Let me give her some of my dance faces so she knows how into her I am


Yeah I'm a party creature. Man we gotta get outta here, another tempo change and that guitar doesn't belong here. What the hell, why did the music stop?

Goin N Goin- No more drinks for me, let's take this babe home. Like the song, I can't get movin' fast enough. "Here you go baby, let me get the door for you." As I slide into the drivers seat I look over and...


No way...I hope I'm ok to drive...

Man this song really isn't that special. Build-ups and generic full on. Pass.

Goin To The Promised Land (RMX)- As I'm making my way to her place, I put this one on. The ethnic vibes are righteous and that gets her all the way to me town. The flute really makes it.. Pretty good track and yeah, we do the nasty...

Goan Mad (Cortex Vs. Brainbokka Party mix)- A remix of a GMS track? How much cheese can one man take. As I wake up I look over at my sweet lady and...she's not there. I hear noise in the kitchen, and as I'm trying to get dressed I hear her coming back.



Yeah, the track is just as frightening. Just say no and stuff.

The moral of the story is don't get wasted at a club if you're looking for love cause this could happen to you. The disc wasn't turrrrible as there were parts of most songs that I liked. But with all the tempo shifts and starts and stops, it was hard to really generate any flow. He's got talent and I think if he actually decided to make a true twilight album it would be pretty kick ass. I leave the links so you can make up your own mind, but it is far, far from essential.





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Funny reading old reviews I've written. Man sometimes I would go a little crazy on the gifs. Why didn't you guys stop me? Some of the reviews have broken links so if you see any of those please let me know and I'll try and remember what the hell I was talking about.

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