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Best place to sell donated signed Simon Posford CDs

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Hi all....


Im trying to get a good cross section of ideas of how best to raise money with some signed CDs I have from Shpongle and Hallucinogen. These were signed for me by Simon for the Haiti Appeal Project event/CD/fundraiser I worked with and somehow the raffle winners never claimed them.

I am wanting to raise money with them now as we are close to wrapping up the project and want to make the final donation.


I have thought Ebay, Discogs? even possibly a silent auction. I just would hate to ebay it and only fetch £5 for a signed Hallucinogen-Twisted. THis is for charity :o)


I know there are a good lot of music afficionados and lots of collective knowledge in this forum, so thought to come ask here x


Any thoughts or ideas on this?



Thanks loads for your input






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LOL Understood, I wouldnt either, but these were signed for me by Simon for a raffle for the Haiti Appeal Project. Unclaimed ones were:


Hallucinogen : Lone Deranger, Twisted


Shpongle: Nothing Lasts, Ineffable Mysteries


I recon posting on Discogs Ill do, but I dont have a price to set to it, Id prefer silent auction OR ebay.


Thanks for you inputs x

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